Random Five Friday

Happy Friday!  Here are five randoms for the week:

1.) This has been a totally changeable weather week for our area.  A couple of days ago,  we had temps approaching the 70-degree mark, giving us all a good case of spring fever.  Wednesday evening, a cold front blew in (and I do mean blew), dropped the temps and brought pre-dawn thunderstorms yesterday morning. By late afternoon, the skies were clearing, but it was still cold and very windy.


2.) We’ve been keeping an eye on the winter storm in the northeast, especially in the Vermont area where the Friesian farm is that we visited recently. Have you ever visited a place, then been almost homesick for it after you leave? I keep Townshend (VT) as one of the cities in the weather app on my phone, just so I can see how the weather is there at any given time.  Thinking about those beautiful black horses out having fun in all that fresh snow…

snowy noses

3. I’ve heard of a Christmas cactus, Thanksgiving cactus and holiday cactus (cacti). But,evidently mine thinks it’s a Valentine cactus.


4.) What a busy evening it will be tonight….the Full Snow Moon, a lunar eclipse, plus the chance to see a comet in the pre-sunrise hours tomorrow morning.  One day, I will learn about night-time photography, but it probably won’t be today.

5.) Tomorrow…. antiquing and lunch with a friend (possibly friendS).

How about you? Care to share your weekend plans?

~These Days Of Mine~

11 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. It has been a strange week for weather……looking forward to the sky events tomorrow though! My weekend will be RANDOM (!) with no specific plans – sometimes those are the best.


  2. Church and Relaxing! So glad that we didn’t get the snow. BBRRRR! It is COLD though!

  3. Well Nixie and I had a nice warm walk in the woods and she even played in the creek! The next day we woke up to about 5 inches of snow and it’s still here today! It’s very cold outside here in PA. We are planning to drive to the Poconos to visit our friends who have a Xmas tree farm and Xmas shop on their property. They also live in a log home that they built about 40 years ago! It is beautiful. I promise to post pictures. Their property and home are magical! Oh, and they have a German Shorthair (Cody) that Nixie loves! They will have a great time playing in the foot of snow they got! We will have a great time catching up with old friends!

  4. That’s going to be some cold pre-dawn sky viewing! (I speak from experience) ; )
    the horses and the cactus look great !

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Your first picture is beautiful! As far as cactus goes I think they have a mind of their own. The snow on the horses faces is so cute. Hope to go to church Sunday.

  6. Lots of snow here. Got about 5 inches on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. But it’s supposed to warm up for the weekend. Our weekend plans totally center around our first little granddaughter – her second birthday is coming up so her mommy planned a birthday bash at our house. Lots of family, friends and little ones coming! I’ll probably need Sunday to recuperate after church!! 😉

  7. Nice post – actually for me, not much seems to be going on that I know of – most probably writing up (or brainstorming more like) post drafts, mainly on lifestyle topics, and certain relate-able situations and ideas which I tend to blog about a lot. Other than that, no significant events!

  8. I was hoping to see those astrological events, but alas, it is monsoon (and smetimes snow) season here in Vancouver and it is going to be overcast. Monday is a holiday and I WILL be baking up a storm. Our Work social club raises money for a local charity and we are having a bake sale on Valentine’s Day. I am going to try to make egg and dairy free sugar cookies and traditional banana bread.

  9. Yes, I kept Hilton Head, Charleston, and Savannah weather on my app for awhile. Then I had to delete some to make room for the weather in Guatemala while Taylor was there, etc.

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