Random Five Friday

Five random thoughts for the first Friday of March:

1.)  A recent particularly colorful sunrise with reflection.


2.) And a few minutes later, that beautiful morning golden light on the trees in our yard.


3.) Yesterday morning’s sky just after sunrise.  I’ve mentioned before that Motor Man enjoys the web-site “Flight Aware”, and after checking that, we determined that this flight departed JFK and was en route to the Dominican Republic.


4.) Whenever I pass by someone’s yard and see those Canada geese “statues”, I think:  I’ll trade ya.


5.)  Last weekend, a quick storm moved through our area.


And left us with some of this.  Thankfully, no damage, but a STRONG scent of pine after the storm.


Enjoy your weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~

12 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Great photos as always…..that’s good-sized hail – no wonder you had some strong whiffs of “mother nature’s air freshener” afterwards!


  2. That’s so cool trying to determine where a flight started and where it ‘s headed – have always wondered:) – Love ALL your pics, such a nice way to start the day! Thanks!!

  3. We had some of that hail! Not quite that big. All lovely pictures… my favorite, the first one! I will have to tell CH about Flight Aware… he will love it!

  4. Beautiful pictures – that was SOME storm – I don’t think I’ve ever smelt quite a strong a scent of pine as we did after that storm. Those “statues”….no words!

  5. Stunning photos, Dianna!

  6. Gorgeous photos as always, my friend. Well, the ‘litter’ left behind by those geese isn’t so gorgeous, is it? I remember my folks getting a bit perturbed over the ‘items’ geese left in their yard after a neighbor put in a pond and the geese flocked to it. Watch where you step!

  7. Rachel Eggleston

    Thank you as always for the gorgeous photos … great reminders of living in the Tidewater area in the 60s & 70s. Beautiful place for sure.

  8. Wonderful photos.
    March came in like a lion here too. No hail, but severe storms and freezing temps at night.
    Happy March I hope yours is filled with warmth and sunshine from this week forward. 🙂

  9. Never know exactly what to do in a hailstorm. I sort of just sit there & hope the car doesn’t get dented ..
    Great sky pics ! –
    & let me know if you find anybody interested in a goose swap ; )

  10. What a great week!
    First the baby Giraffe! (My Mommy watched for it too).
    Then the Wild Horses! Such a great video!
    And your random 5 was excellent!
    Mes sends Sundae and Gypsy all my loves and extra Kisses
    Nellie and Mommy

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Another wonderful R5F! All the pictures are great!

  12. How interesting that you can track a flight like that – I love that idea. That hail looks dangerous – thankfully we have not had hail like that here as long as I have been here.. c

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