Helping A Feathered Friend

We’ve had typical Virginia weather this week: winter for a day or two, then spring/summer. A few days ago, the temp was in the twenties at daybreak; this morning, it was 63.

So, since I’m trying to get back in my habit of walking 30 minutes everyday, I’ve been taking advantage of the nice weather.

Monday afternoon, I was walking in the neighborhood, and as I approached a pick-up truck parked along the street, I saw something fall into the bed. Since I noticed it out of the corner of my eye, I really wasn’t sure what it was. But I knew it landed with a thud.

When I got to the truck, I cautiously peered over the side and saw (what appeared to be) a young bird. It was trying to fly, but wasn’t able to clear the sides of the truck bed.

This may not be the very worst photo I’ve ever shared on my blog, but it’s in the top two.  Maybe someone recognizes the coloring: red head and black wings with white spots.

It looks to me to be some type of woodpecker. And, although he couldn’t fly, he sure could flutter. I walked from one side of the truck to the other several times, trying to catch him.  And I was wondering the entire time if Mama Bird was somewhere nearby, watching and waiting to swoop down on my head.

Finally, I was able to grasp him when he came to the back corner of the bed. He didn’t care for me having him in hand. But once I put him on the ground,  he scurried up a nearby tree.

I’m sure he probably would have figured out how to get out of the truck bed – eventually.  But it was nice to be at the right place at the right time to help a little feathered friend.

~These Days Of Mine~

11 responses to “Helping A Feathered Friend

  1. Looks like a little woodpecker but I’m not that great identifying birds… was nice that you rescued it from the truck bed – maybe was “trying out” its’ wings and couldn’t quite handle it. Hope it was reunited with Mom. Good for you walking again – YAY!


  2. You have such a sweet, kind heart, Dianna, to help that birdie. I bet a lot of folks would have just kept walking. Hopefully, he found his way and some stronger wings or at least, a better sense of direction. 😉

  3. Gosh Dianna, are you already having baby birds there. Our birds are just starting to look at places to nest. Maybe a juvenile Red-bellied woodpecker. Woodpecker for sure… I’d bet a cheeseburger on that! Glad you got it out of the truck bed! I hope somebody chimes in here and identifies that birdie! CH swears it is a Red-napped sapsucker that got way off course… LOL! He originally said a Red-bellied! Fun post!

  4. Dianna, I think it is a ladder back woodpecker. (alternate rows of black and white feathers on its back) I doubt that it was an immature bird trying to learn to fly. Too early in the season. Most likely it had flown into something and was a bit stunned. Once you took it out of the truck bed it seemed to be on the road to recovery.

  5. Looks like a Downy Woodpecker to me. Always nice to help a bird in need. I’m sure he’ll pay it forward by eating some unwanted bugs!

  6. AWWW!!! As a fellow bird lover, I’m so glad you were able to rescue this one. And I agree that it looks like a woodpecker.

  7. Hate to see them having trouble flying .. glad you were there to lend a hand!

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    The Lord had you in the right place at the right time to save our feathered friend. It certainly looks like a woodpecker. As one of your friends said some people would have just walked away. Good for you, my friend ❤

  9. I’m so glad you helped the little bird. I figure you probably saved it’s life. Well done! 🙂

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