Sometimes We Just Need A Little Reminder

Earlier this week, Motor Man had to go out of town for the day on business. And, as I often do, I rode along with him.

Time allowed us a stop at an antique mall, and although I didn’t buy anything, one item caught my eye.

A very old, very worn pair of shoes.

But I don’t think I really “saw” the shoes until I read the attached note:

Now. Don’t we feel fortunate? Blessed? Spoiled?

~These Days Of  Mine~

12 responses to “Sometimes We Just Need A Little Reminder

  1. Oh yes and I often FEEL that way when going through an antique shop – seeing all the old things that meant so much to people at one point and are now in a store for others to buy….those shoes do bring home those feelings for sure……


  2. All of the above. All of them. Wonderful picture and wonderful reminder to be grateful every single day.

  3. Love those worn shoes. Many years of hard use. Also like the note attached. Makes me want to go in that shop. But, you had me at antiquing! Good weekend my friend.

  4. I’ll bet we all feel like they’re our shoes that ended up in that shop. Good weekend to you.

  5. Yes to all your questions at the end.

  6. These have definitely been there & back again.
    The tales they could tell …

  7. That is a precious, timeless reminder! Those boots brought Laura Ingalls Wilder to mind immediately, for me, and recalling reading her series of books. All their hardships and triumphs, family values. Walking the long route to the old school house…

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a great reminder. When I purchase a vintage piece or antique I can’t help but think of the person that owned it and wonder about their life.

  9. Those shoes belonged to someone who no doubt had to work hard and endure much. We live such cushy lives nowadays and this is a good reminder.

  10. I will definitely remember these shoes forever. 🙂

  11. We should never forget where we come from and what we have endured. ” these boots are made for walking”

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