Random Five Friday

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a Random Five Friday, so today’s the day!

1.) With Easter being this Sunday, I thought I’d share a picture of Marshall, taken at my Mom’s house the Easter Sunday he was five.  That’s a superhero action figure he’s holding; most likely it was in his Easter basket.  (I’m guessing he’ll say which one it was in his comment on this post today.) And although I’m not a seamstress by any stretch, let me just say that I made his white slacks AND the navy jacket.

2. Have you ever seen a deer stand at attention?  Neither had we until recently. We never did determine what had his interest.

3.) Yesterday morning’s sunrise with a sky full of contrails.

4.) Speaking of sunrise, Sundae was creeping down the hall a few mornings ago (it’s a game she plays sometimes with Motor Man. When he’s not looking, she’ll slowly move toward him. Then when he looks at her, she stops dead-still, as if she’s invisible if she’s not moving.)   Motor Man commented on how the early morning sun was causing her reflection on the hardwood floor. Thankfully, the camera was nearby.

5.) Have you been missing pictures of the Outer Banks horses? Yeah, me, too.  So here’s a beauty from our trip a couple of weeks ago. We’re looking forward to warm weather when the horses will be out and about and easier to find. We’ve really had to search for them on our past few trips.

Happy Easter weekend, everyone.

~These Days Of Mine~

8 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Great “randoms” today! You did a great job on Marshall’s Easter outfit – I absolutely do NOT like sewing other than putting buttons on. The deer IS at attention for sure. The sky photo says “X” marks the spot! Sundae looks so cute captured in that ray of sun AND in her reflection – a double scoop of Sundae! That horse has a beautiful color combination of his coat and his mane…..I’m sure the OBX horses are preparing for another season of showing off on the beach – just for you!


  2. these are great randoms, dianna. thanks for sharing them with us )

  3. Not fair!!! Never seen my or anyone’s, reflection in my floors. Guess I need to do some spring cleaning. Great pictures.

  4. Love all of these pics! And you are DEFINITELY a seamstress if you made Marshall’s jacket and pants!!

  5. You go girl, you are the best seamstress. Have a great Easter. Christ is risen and there is hope.

  6. 1.) Hawkman… & I’ll be honest: I couldn’t remember his name; had to Google it ..
    2.) He knew he was being photographed !
    3.) Man-made clouds !
    4.) Awesome reflection action here …
    5.) The colors of the sand and mane are perfect together ….

    Happy Easter !

  7. A wonderful Random Five! Marshall looks handsome in your stitching – you did an awesome job. Beautiful pictures all. A Good Friday to all.

  8. What a great series of randoms!! I have to agree with your other readers, me thinks you are a seamstress because that is one cute little outfit on 5-year-old Marshall. That reflection of Sundae is so cool! And of course, the Outer Banks star is amazing!! Hope you had a lovely Easter.

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