The Facebook Concert Meme

There’s a current Facebook meme making the rounds in which you list ten artists and state that you’ve seen nine of them perform in person. Your friends are asked to choose which one you have not seen in concert.

Yesterday, I decided to play along.  Although I’ve been to many other concerts, this is my list for the game:

1.) Chicago
2.) Hank Williams, Jr.
3.) Elton John
4.) The Oak Ridge Boys
5.) Elvis Presley
6.) Fats Domino
7.) Jimmy Buffett
8.) Lynyrd Skynyrd
9.) Alan Jackson
10.) Brooks & Dunn

Many friends shared their guesses and some posted their own list.

I decided to stretch the fun out a little longer, write about some of the concerts I’ve attended and reveal the answer to my Facebook post on today’s blog.

CHICAGO was my first concert experience.  It was the summer I was eighteen, fresh out of high school. I drove my ’64 yellow Mustang with black interior and 3-speed on the floor.  My nephew, 2 years younger than me, and a buddy of his went with me.

 HANK WILLIAMS, JR. I must admit, the only reason I saw Hank live back in the mid 80’s was because the group Sawyer Brown opened for him, and I was (and still am) a huge Sawyer Brown fan. Hank’s crowd was a bit too rowdy for me.

ELTON JOHN.  A few months after Motor Man and I began dating, we went with another couple to an Elton John concert at an amphi-theater in Virginia Beach.  The concert was outside, following days of rain, and it was COLD, so it wasn’t the most comfortable of venues. Elton put on a fabulous show, however.

THE OAK RIDGE BOYS. My friend, Bev, and I became fans of this group in the early 1980’s. Marshall, then a toddler,  associated William Lee Golden, the group’s member who had long hair and a longer beard, with their hit song “Elvira”. One Sunday morning, a man with long hair and a beard walked into our church, and Marshall said (out loud): “Look, Mom! It’s Elvira!”

ELVIS PRESLEY.  Yes, Marshall’s dad and I went to see Elvis in the early 70’s before we were married.  Of course, our seats were so far away, he was just a tiny speck on the stage.

FATS DOMINO.  Ah, Fats. Marshall’s dad and I saw Fats in concert, also in the early 1970’s, and we had front-row center seats.  What a great performer. Sadly, I had camera issues that night, and did not get any photos. Whenever Fats saw someone standing at the stage with a camera, he flashed the biggest smile you can imagine.

LYNYRD SKYNYRD.  For many years, a friend of Motor Man’s and mine participated in the Kyle Petty cross-country motorcycle trip. This friend wanted his young daughter to be part of the festivities when the group returned to Kyle’s farm in North Carolina following the 2001 ride.  We agreed to bring his daughter to the event, and in turn, we were given tickets to attend. And, Skynyrd was performing. But, did I get pictures?  No….however, this was the crowd attending.

BROOKS & DUNN.  On the spur of the moment, Motor Man and I went to see B & D in concert in 2004, and had fairly good seats for the show.

The artist from that list that I have not seen in person is Jimmy Buffett. Motor Man and I both like his music, and he does come to our area occasionally.  But we’ve never attended one of his concerts.

And now….a HUGE confession, and this is so very embarrassing.   I  named Alan Jackson as one of the artists on my list.  Well, I’ve never seen him in concert either.

The country singer I had in mind was Tracy Lawrence, who appeared in concert at our local racetrack several years ago.  Motor Man and I attended, and I took this picture of Tracy with one of his young fans.  And by the way, that little fella knew every word to every song.

So I apologize to my Facebook friends (and to those of you reading this post  who were also guessing).  There are, in fact, two artists on my list that I have not seen live in concert.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go wipe the egg off my face.  And sing a little “Elvira”.

~These Days Of Mine~


10 responses to “The Facebook Concert Meme

  1. You’ve had rich and full experiences with concerts. All the ones you’ve listed are great. It sounds like ever so much fun. 🙂
    (Sadly, I’ve never been to a concert. Maybe someday…)

  2. Very interesting! Did you buy tee shirts at all these musical events? And save them? Interesting musical life history. It was fun!

  3. I have found it funny how many people have jumped on the “band” wagon with this one! Great list of fun groups! And that egg looks lovely on your face. 🙂

  4. I just started noticing this meme. I think you were lucky to see Elvis

  5. Fun meme – I never went to that many concerts “in the day”…….one band I never missed seeing but others rarely. Your “whoops” with having listed TWO you had never seen was at least an honest “whoops” !!! I hope JR enjoys listening to you singing “Elvira” in the office this morning…….. 🙂


  6. Well, that was fun to see your results, even though I totally guessed wrong! Oh that comment by Marshall in church – so funny! Kids really DO say the darndest thing (remember Art Linkletter?). And thanks for the earworm because now I’ll be singing Elvira this morning right along with you!! :-O

  7. Such a cool post ! I was guessing Skynyrd, but I had forgotten about the motorcycle ride .. I’ve been to over 30 concerts, but only seen 5 or 6 different groups – you got me on that one !

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Fun post. You and I may have been at the same Elvis Concert. It was in the early 70’s also at the Hampton Roads Coliseum. Went with some of the girls from Smithfield Packing. I remember when we came out it was raining cats and dogs and we couldn’t find the car. We did have a great time in spite of the rain.

  9. I’ve not seen a single one that you listed in real life…I guess I led a sheltered life, but I have met some pretty incredible artists. I DID, however, get to meet B B King a couple of times. What an incredible man.
    Thanks for sharing your meme on your blog, I missed it on FB.
    Love Barb
    PS Thanks for your kind words. The pain is gone but I do miss her lots.

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