Daily Archives: August 4, 2017

The Perfect Plant

Last year I discovered how hardy zinnias, those vintage plants that seem to thrive on neglect, are.  The huge PLUS for me is that the deer completely ignore them.

Although I planted some zinnia seeds this year (a gift from my friend, Donna), as well as a few plants I purchased, many of the zinnias in our yard are volunteers from last year.

The butterflies have been enjoying them almost as much as, perhaps more than, I have. Last Sunday, they were having a field day (pardon the pun), so I grabbed the camera and went out to stand in the flowerbed in order to get  pictures.

There were swallowtails on dark pink zinnias:

And swallowtails on dark pink zinnias:

And monarch butterflies on coral-colored zinnias.

And monarch butterflies on pink zinnias.

And silver-spotted skippers (I googled it) on blooms of a perennial that I can never remember the name of….

One zinnia, in particular, has grown to enormous proportions this year, actually requiring a trellis for support.

So, to recap: zinnias are prolific bloomers, they require very little care, they re-seed, they attract butterflies and they aren’t on the deer menu.

In my book yard , that makes them the perfect plant.

~These Days Of Mine~