The Perfect Plant

Last year I discovered how hardy zinnias, those vintage plants that seem to thrive on neglect, are.  The huge PLUS for me is that the deer completely ignore them.

Although I planted some zinnia seeds this year (a gift from my friend, Donna), as well as a few plants I purchased, many of the zinnias in our yard are volunteers from last year.

The butterflies have been enjoying them almost as much as, perhaps more than, I have. Last Sunday, they were having a field day (pardon the pun), so I grabbed the camera and went out to stand in the flowerbed in order to get  pictures.

There were swallowtails on dark pink zinnias:

And swallowtails on dark pink zinnias:

And monarch butterflies on coral-colored zinnias.

And monarch butterflies on pink zinnias.

And silver-spotted skippers (I googled it) on blooms of a perennial that I can never remember the name of….

One zinnia, in particular, has grown to enormous proportions this year, actually requiring a trellis for support.

So, to recap: zinnias are prolific bloomers, they require very little care, they re-seed, they attract butterflies and they aren’t on the deer menu.

In my book yard , that makes them the perfect plant.

~These Days Of Mine~


15 responses to “The Perfect Plant

  1. The butterflies are an enchanting bonus of your growing those beautiful zinnias. Magnificent.

  2. Wondsrful pictures- of flora and fauna!! Just call it a butterfly sanctuary and turn your uatd over to the beautiful Zinnia family!!

  3. How lovely!! I will have to add these to my garden. Thank you

  4. Pretty photos…..I have ALWAYS adored zinnias….they are one of those flowers speaks of “old times”……they are reliable, hardy, don’t ask much of we gardeners (even we “wannabe” gardeners) and just keep on giving throughout the summer. Reseeding themselves is a big bonus too. They’re a welcome surprise the next year and the next………


  5. I do love zinnias too and I harvest the seeds every autumn…put them in a brown paper bag and they are good to scatter in the spring.

  6. My mom always had zinnias in her flower garden, but I’ve never planted any in mine. Deer resistant? Now there’s a big plus, huh? You captured some great shots of the butterflies. I haven’t noticed as many at our butterfly bush as there have been in the past. I’ll just have to sit on the deck for a spell and watch.

  7. you grabbed some great butterfly pics !
    – & zinnias, too –
    I almost forgot THEY were the topic !

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    The zinnias and the butterflies perfect match and perfect pictures!!

  9. all are absolutely beautiful!!! hope you and yours have a great weekend!!! D

  10. Beautiful photos, especially the first one.

  11. AWESOME!!! This has been a GREAT year for zinnias. Mine have gotten larger than usual too. LOVE your pictures of the butterflies with the zinnias.

  12. I have always adored zinnias and butterflies! Perfect harmony!

  13. I planted my first zinnias this year. They are so pretty it not nearly as tall as yours.

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