Random Five Friday

Randomness for the final Friday in August, and I’m reminded of the quote “August is the Sunday of Summer”.

1.) Motor Man and I hadn’t gotten caught up in the excitement of the eclipse, even though my friend, Donna, had given us two pair of glasses. On my way home that afternoon, I spotted our 80-something year old neighbor, out in his yard, looking up at the sky.  I pulled in his drive and he was so excited about the eclipse, I decided that we’d take a look. Friends had posted a selfie of them in their eclipse glasses, so we took the tripod out and captured the moment.

2.) Sharing a sunset from earlier in the week.

3.) And this has to be one of the silliest things I’ve ever shared on my blog. You know how you get those little wind-blown pieces of debris (leaves and such) on your windowpanes? One recent morning, I saw this on a window when I opened the curtains and thought it looked like a comical little cartoon kitty. Wearing sunglasses.

4.) Back in the spring, my friend, Donna, gave me a couple of packets of zinnia seeds. (She’s a very generous friend.)  One pack was an old-fashioned speckled variety. This is my first bloom. Look at those tiny little “starfish” around the center.

5.) Keeping everyone in the path of Hurricane Harvey in thought and prayer, especially my niece, Donna, her son and their friends. She texted yesterday that they aren’t in the direct path, but will be on the “dirty side” and are expecting some flooding.

~These Days Of Mine~

9 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Wonderful randomness again. But, I have to say that I’m especially fond of the ‘starfish’ on your zinnia. ….And what a beautiful color. Happy Friday to ALL. We made it to our first Friday of the school year! YAY!!!!

  2. Happy Friday! Love your Buutterfly sunset! The cat illusion was cool. But my favorite was the speckled antique zinnia! Getting some for both of us next year! A beautiful weekend ahead, you and Motorman enjoy.

  3. That zinnia is so lovely! As always, your Friday randoms are fun!

  4. A fitting close to the summer on TheseDays..
    1.) I did get to see it !
    2.) peaceful ..
    3.) It does ! – but the effect the moisture on the window has on the trees in the background is what gets me here.. & .. is that the sunrise in the corner ?
    4.) I’ve never seen one like this …
    5.) yep – waiting to see ..

  5. I absolutely adore your selfie! The zinnia is gorgeous!

  6. The sunset is beautiful, and I see that kitty wearing sunglasses in your window, too.

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Another great R5F! I like that Zinnia very pretty. The sunset with the butterfly bench is beautiful. Have you and JR have a good weekend.

  8. Well I didn’t get a notice of your blog post until THIS MORNING! A day late is better than not at all right? Anyway, love your randoms this week although like you, we’re very worried about Texas and the storm – hope your family is safe and sound!


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