Daily Archives: September 27, 2017

Love Notes And Pancakes

Yesterday, Motor Man learned that it was National Love Note Day.  When he came home, I was at the opposite end of the house. He “ducked” into the kitchen, then called to me that the ducks were outside and demanding to be fed.

I walked by the kitchen without looking in and went out to the garage.  This is what I saw:

As I turned to come back inside, I saw this on the interior door:

On the refrigerator door in the kitchen:

This was on the computer monitor:

On my pillow:

And on my bathroom mirror:

In the meantime, I had heard that it was National Pancake Day, so we headed to Cracker Barrel for yummy Pumpkin Spice Pancakes. (We shared.)

Love notes + pancakes = a sweet celebration.

~These Days Of Mine~