Love Notes And Pancakes

Yesterday, Motor Man learned that it was National Love Note Day.  When he came home, I was at the opposite end of the house. He “ducked” into the kitchen, then called to me that the ducks were outside and demanding to be fed.

I walked by the kitchen without looking in and went out to the garage.  This is what I saw:

As I turned to come back inside, I saw this on the interior door:

On the refrigerator door in the kitchen:

This was on the computer monitor:

On my pillow:

And on my bathroom mirror:

In the meantime, I had heard that it was National Pancake Day, so we headed to Cracker Barrel for yummy Pumpkin Spice Pancakes. (We shared.)

Love notes + pancakes = a sweet celebration.

~These Days Of Mine~


13 responses to “Love Notes And Pancakes

  1. Well it was an “all around SWEET” day for you then!


  2. Junior!! You Cassanova you!! How pumpkiny!

  3. ^ In total agreement with Donna! You have one sweet husband and now all of us are extremely jealous!! 😉 ……and also want pancakes for breakfast:)

  4. The man is a scoundrel!!!! LOL

  5. Oh how SWEET!!! I think he’s a KEEPER!!!

  6. You are clearly well loved.

  7. Bet all your daisy petals come out “he loves me”, don’t they? So glad that you BOTH have found that special someone!

  8. Goodness, why is it that WP doesn’t have a ‘love’ button instead of just a ‘like’? You are wonderfully blessed, Dianna! Your MM is so thoughtful. How nice that you both had a special day. ♥

  9. He does know how to celebrate !!

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    JR is truly a keeper just like my Chuck. i am so happy you two found each other. God is Good. ❤

  11. Good for all old married couples to remember why they are together after decades

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