Monday Morning Mews: From My Window Seat

Hello, readers! Sundae here with this week’s mews.

Today, I’m sharing a recent picture that Motor Mommy snapped of me enjoying the view from my window seat. Not long after I adopted my pawrents, they bought that seat for me, and I love it.  I can see rabbits, squirrels, turtles, birds, geese AND these big creatures from my window.

And, although it flew away before Motor Mommy snapped the picture, there WAS a hummingbird there at the feeder just a few minutes earlier.

I am one lucky kitty girl. What do you see from YOUR window?

~These Days Of Mine~

7 responses to “Monday Morning Mews: From My Window Seat

  1. Well my views are a bit different… water for one….but I do see skunks, groundhogs, squirrels, birds, deer, other kitties passing by, some dogs once in a while, and skinks on the rocks out front! Never a dull moment!

    Enjoy the view Sundae………
    Hugs, Teddy and Mom

  2. Right now I see someone cutting my grass. Love condo living!

  3. What a view and what a lucky kitty!!!!

  4. Definitely a perch with a view!

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    It is certain, Sundae, you have the best view ever! Dianna, that picture is amazing. I have looked at it two or three times. Just great!!

  6. You have a great view!

  7. A beautiful kitty with a beautiful view.

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