No Surprise Here

It seems that, each week, I share photos from a trip to the Outer Banks. And this week is no different.  These are from a couple of recent trips, and if we’re friends on Facebook, you may have already seen one or two of them.

On one of our trips, the sun was just beginning to break through the heavy clouds of the early morning.  It made for some interesting scenery.  This is the fence at the southernmost portion of the 4-wheel drive beach. It prevents the wild horses from straying from their area. There’s also a cattle-guard across the highway for the same purpose.

Clouds, sea oats and a fence.

It appears this cattle egret has a secret for his horse friend.  Pssst…..

Waves and tree stumps.

As I’ve shared many times, although we love seeing the wild horses ANYWHERE, it’s always a special treat to see them by the ocean.

And near the dunes.

But, as we were beginning our return trip off the 4-wheel drive area, we spotted pelicans on the shore, and had to stop for pictures. (Thankful for a zoom lens.)

I shared this next one on my Facebook page and had comments from friends comparing this to a pastor with his congregation or a policeman directing traffic. One friend commented that it appeared the gull was attempting to shoo away the pelican.

No matter the weather, no matter the condition of the sand or the ocean, no matter how many horses we see or their location, we always enjoy our beach trips.

No surprise there.

~These Days Of Mine~


10 responses to “No Surprise Here

  1. Wonderful pictures!! Great shadows and textures. I remember when Nags Head and regions did not have pelicans. Brown Pelican was endangered. So it is always a joy to see them now.

  2. Photographs which illustrate the total BEAUTY of nature are always wonderful to see and nobody that I know of gets tired of seeing them. Especially me! Love that pelican…..I think that seagull should pick on something his own size………… 🙂


  3. Truly a magnificent place. You capture the beauty of the animals/birds and landscape wonderfully. It’s always a joy to journey to the outer banks with you & MM.

  4. As ALWAYS, I LOVE your pictures. They transport me to a GREAT place, and today is a dreary-looking one. Your pictures brightened my day. Animal Antics made me smile.:)

  5. Another amazing collection from just one day !
    Add a few more and you could publish your own calendar !

  6. You know, my friend, I NEVER get tired of your photos, especially the ones from the beach. They always provide a little get-away in my day. ♥

  7. Love the egret whispering in the horse’s ear! So that’s how they keep the horses on the north end. Beautiful horse shots, and all the birds, beach, etc…

  8. I absolutely LOVE your scenery photos, particularly the outer backs ones. They are so full of life. Nature is so soothing to the soul, especially mine.

  9. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I enjoy your trips too. Beautiful pictures I quote ” no surprise here”. lol

  10. Oh what a magical place! I can see why you are drawn back there time and time again and your photos are terrific!

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