Purrfect Furiends

Seven years ago in September, I began blogging. Shortly after that, I “met” (online) another blogger, Pam, who co-wrote her blog, One Spoiled Cat, with her ginger kitty, Sammy.

Pam and I became fast friends and began emailing each other every day. She and her husband, Dave, live about three hours from us.  Motor Man and I have met them several times for lunch and antiquing, they visited and stayed overnight in our little town several years ago, and last summer, we gave them a quick tour of the Outer Banks, including a visit to “my” wild horses.

Sadly, Sammy passed over Rainbow Bridge last December. Pam continued to write her blog, keeping Sammy’s memory alive.  When she and Dave were ready, Angel Sammy “arranged” for them to be adopted by a new ginger kitty, whom they named Teddy. And now, the title of her blog is Two Spoiled Cats: Sammy and Teddy are co-authors.

Although emailing is a wonderful means of keeping in touch, sometimes you just need to see each other in person….and share a hug. So yesterday, my Motor Man drove three hours each way so that we could visit Pam and Dave. AND…..I could meet their new kitty, Teddy.

And what a love bug he is.

Sammy was always very shy, so we never had a chance to meet him.  But Teddy certainly isn’t shy and  greeted us soon after we arrived.

I LOVE this picture of Pam, but I hate that Teddy’s eyes reflected in the camera’s flash.

We forced ourselves to leave Teddy long enough to go have a yummy lunch with Dave and Pam in downtown Warrenton.

Afterward, we toured the Fauquier County museum at the old jail, portions of which were built in 1808. It’s reportedly haunted, and although I can’t attest to that, it is….spooky.

We then returned to Pam and Dave’s for more Teddy time. (Note the red laser dot between his paws.)

I am so thankful for the friendship Pam and I share, and that our husbands enjoy each other’s company.

We’re already looking forward to our next get-together.  Hopefully SOON.

~These Days Of Mine~




10 responses to “Purrfect Furiends

  1. What a sweet visit. Friends are the BEST and a face to face time of share even better. Now you’ve shared it with us – Thanks.

  2. It was so much fun seeing you and JR yesterday…..Teddy sure enjoyed the visit too! I treasure our friendship – long distance most of the time – but “up close and personal” when we can manage it! It was a fun way to launch the holiday season too – – hugs, fun, and friends – that’s MY kind of “happy” !!

    Love, Pam, Teddy and David too………….

  3. Looks like a great trip .. & I know that it was !
    Teddy looks right at home- happy & healthy … ; )

  4. Aw, truly a beautiful relationship of ‘Purrfect Furiends’.

  5. Pam and Dave are wonderful people. My hubby and I had the pleasure of meeting them when they were in Maine. I am jealous that you go to meet Teddy. He is such a cutie.

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    It is so wonderful when friends come together what ever the reason. Terry is a very handsome kitty. You all looked great.

  7. Aw, that’s so nice that your friends have a new kitty to love. He is a purrfect looking cat. Always a blessed time when you gather with friends, isn’t it?

  8. What great shots of the whole family! Its so good that you got a chance to see Teddy (and Pam and Dave) and to share the pictures with us! I would love to visit with bout of you and your fur families!

  9. What a handsome kitty Teddy is! Such a sweet post and aren’t you lucky to have each other and be such great fur-iends! Hugs! MJ

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