Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

Today, I’m sharing something that I think is pretty amazing.

Last week, my friend, Sindee, posted this photo on her Facebook page with the caption: “Saw this beautiful watercolor on Friday. Notice the stairs and the sun shining.”

When I shared the picture with Marshall, he texted in return: “I see a meadow, with an old stone stair climbing up the left, flowers in the foreground, with a very clear sky above.  Very, very odd.  Perhaps even a little pond at the base of the stairs.”

A few minutes after the first post, Sindee shared THIS picture, with the caption: “OK, maybe it was just my imagination. Nature’s watercolor!  A piling at the JRB (James River Bridge)”. Sindee and her husband had been out in their boat enjoying an unseasonably warm November day.

I find it fascinating that, first of all, there is such beauty to be found on pilings….simply markings created by the endless rising and falling of the tide.  And secondly, I’m thankful that Sindee realized that beauty and captured it in pictures. (And allowed me to share with you.)

Marshall noticed a similar landscape on the piling in the background and thought it would be fun to create a little book with the photos.  At the end of the book, the source of the pictures would be revealed. Sindee said her husband had the same thought.

Sindee’s photo is a wonderful reminder to look for magic in even the most unsuspecting places.

~These Days Of Mine~



9 responses to “Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

  1. Fascinating……I saw a lake with wildflowers in the foreground – reflections of the trees in the lake……interesting idea to put a collection together of pictures like this. Our imaginations take us in so many directions!


  2. Incredible. I could see everything Marshall saw. Wow

  3. That is awesome! I saw everything Marshall did in it. I would have guessed it to have been an old watercolor, but never I ever have guessed it was marks on a piling. Thanks for sharing this amazing natural art. I agree, a book bout this kind of natural art, would be fascinating..

  4. Just goes to show us that there’s something amazing right in front of us if only we’d take the time to look. I saw a lake with wildflowers in the foreground too and a copse of trees in the background. I never would have imagined that “art” was on a piling!

  5. This one blew me away.. big time..
    & if you look at the visible section of the other piling in the background, you can tell that one has a similar ‘landscape’ on it …

    A collection of these would make a very cool and strange book ..

  6. AMAZING!!! I, too, saw a lake with wildflowers and the staircase, but never imagined it’s original source. Beauty in the most unsuspecting place.

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Unbelievable! What a wonderful find. I agree with you, Dianna, the beauty you can find by just looking.

  8. Amazing! And i saw the same things as did Marshall!

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