On The Rocks (Giveaway)

You may be familiar with the current craze of rock painting/rock hiding/rock hunting.  Perhaps it’s a popular pastime in your area as it is in ours.

My friend, Bev, and her daughter began painting and hiding rocks a few months ago. When Bev invited me over to paint recently, I was skeptical. There’s much art talent in my family: my dad, my sister, my nieces, as well as my son, Marshall.  But somehow I missed the boat when that talent was being distributed.

But Bev insisted that I give it a try….and now I am hooked. (Please note that I said “hooked”….not “good”.)  She and I have had several paint sessions, and Motor Man took us to our local farm supply store to buy a bucketful of rocks.

This was one of the first I painted.  Bev helped me with the hat, and I decided not to part with this one.

I really had fun with this next rock: it was Marshall’s Halloween gift. He’s a horror movie fan and actually met Robert Englund (Freddy Kruger) in person.

This was painted for my friend, Donna’s, birthday. It’s a silhouette of her sweet kitty, Dreamsicle, watching the sunset. I was inspired by a photo Donna shared on Facebook.  My sunset isn’t nearly as striking as the one in her photo: only God can paint a sky like that.

I painted this next rock for my friend, Pam, and (bravely) gave it to her during our visit last week.   Keep in mind that Pam is an excellent artist,  so I asked her to remember that this was done by a novice.  Pam is so special: she truly believes that anyone can be an artist and a poet.

Now we’re starting to work on Christmas rocks.  Most of our ideas come from Pinterest, and when I saw Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree, I knew I had to paint it.

When my cousin, Lona, was in the convalescent home, I gave her a Charlie Brown tree for her room.  After she passed away, the tree came home with me, and I display it every year, always with special thoughts of her. I plan to paint several of these in the days to come and hide them in her memory.  She taught preschool at our church, so hopefully, little ones will find these rocks. I know she’d be pleased.

And I’ve decided to have a little giveaway here on my blog – if you’d like to win one of my Charlie Brown rocks, just indicate that in your comment, and you’ll be entered.  (And please remember, they’re painted by a novice!)

~These Days Of Mine~





17 responses to “On The Rocks (Giveaway)

  1. These are all just wonderful (especially MINE!)………and I will treasure my “Ginger Boy” rock forever. I meant what I said about your artistic talents – they are many and they are excellent – just look at your beautifully designed cards that you do – and now rocks. Love the idea of leaving some rocks around the church for little ones to find. Everyone loves to “treasure hunt”….your rocks are lovely “treasures” !


  2. P.S. Forgot to say I’d love a Charlie Brown rock too even though I already have one of your “rock art” goodies! 😉

  3. I absolutely love all of your rocks but the Charlie Brown one is perfect! I adore it and love the trend of hiding them. I have yet to jump in on doing it myself but I know that a lot of Little Free Libraries hide them inside so maybe I will start it in mine. Would LOVE to win a Charlie Brown rock!

  4. You did a beautiful job with these, Diana. I love them. The craze hasn’t caught on in my part of West Virginia, but when I was in Florida everyone was doing it and having great fun with it. I tried but became discouraged early on. Anyway, thank you for following my blog. It was nice to see your big smile when I opened it this morning. Welcome!

  5. I don’t think you missed the art gene in your family – you’ve got it! And I thought of Lona too, as soon as I saw the picture of ‘her’ Charlie Brown Christmas tree – brought back many good memories. Oh – I’d like to be in the drawing too:)

  6. Awesome rocks! I, too, have been enjoying painting and hiding rocks this year. One of mine was found as far away as Fredericksburg, VA. As John Fogerty would sing; “Oh, put me in coach, I’m ready to play today”…

  7. I love the rocks you have painted! Reminds me a little of Queena Stovall. I love her painting of the two women standing in front of the fireplace. http://www.lynchburgmuseum.org/blog/2015/11/9/queena-stovall

  8. Joyce F in Kansas

    Love all the rocks you painted and would love to have one! Painted rocks are popular in Kansas too.

  9. I see another great talent here ! Love the Charlie Brown tree.. knew what it was immediately…
    & how many Elm Street fans have a Freddy K. rock ?!

  10. I do think you have inherited the artistic gene. The one of the kitty watching the sunset is my fave…but they are all really good.

  11. After a while a novice becomes an experienced artist! You are well on your way. Count me in on the potential give away.

  12. I knew you were talented. You just need more confidence in your creations. The painted rocks are charming and such good fun. Painted all the rage in our region.

  13. Um…excuse me… but who says you didn’t get those artistic genes? These are great! Rock painting and hiding are a big thing here too, but I haven’t joined the fray. I would love to have one of your Charlie Brown creations. 🙂

  14. These are so good!! I want to do it!! We need Christmas music, treats rocks and ideas! And yes, I would love an Original by Dianna!!

  15. These are so good!! I want to do it!! We need Christmas music, treats rocks and ideas! And yes, I would love an Original by Dianna!! PS Forgot to say I love my Birthday Rock of Dreamsicle watching sunset!!

  16. Dianna, Your rocks are fabulishious! I your Teddy Rock is wonderful! I can see why Pam loved it.
    And Truth be told…I’ve been painting some rocks too, I’ve been doing mandalas.
    Love Barb

  17. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    There is nothing, dear friend, that you can’t do, I am sure of that. The rocks you have done are great and I would to have one painted by you!!

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