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…Like A Horse And Carriage

As I mentioned in Wednesday’s post, Motor Man and I took a trip to Indianapolis last week for a racing industry show. We broke up the trip there by staying overnight in Louisville.

And guess what?  We found a horse and carriage ride.  Meet Jacques:

Jacques was probably the most spirited horse we’ve ever had on a carriage ride. When we stopped at a red light, he would bring both feet up (slightly) off the ground, because he was so anxious to GO. And he whinnied several times. Our driver, Jim, said that Jacques’ brother also “works” for that carriage company, and when Jacques whinnied, he was calling his brother.

Because of Jacques’ enthusiasm, Jim was hesitant to step down from the carriage to take our picture at the end of our ride. So Motor Man and I just took pictures of each other with Jacques. (Not really Motor Man’s kind of horsepower, but….)

I think Jacques liked me.

In the Monument Circle area of Indianapolis, horses and carriages are lined up every evening, waiting on folks like us who’d like to ride. Our horse in Indy was Doc, who has a perfect heart on his forehead.

Our driver was Mikki, and since Doc was a bit more laid back than Jacques, she was able to take pictures of us.

I have yet another new friend.

Motor Man has his horsepower, and I have mine.  I love going to races with him, and he……goes horse and carriage riding with me.

(Actually, it was his idea to go carriage riding, because he knows how much I like it. What a guy.)

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