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And (At Last) The Winners Are……

It’s possible that many/most/some of you have completely forgotten about a blog post from November 4, 2016, in which I wrote about this contest. In that post, I shared the three photos I was submitting for the Corolla Wild Horse Fund 2018 calendar contest. I don’t know the reasons, but the calendar was later than usual being printed.

But, it arrived last week, and…… once again, I am honored to have not one, but two photos featured.

This is January, 2018:

And November, 2018:

Surprisingly, only a couple of my readers selected the photo of the horses running on the beach as their favorite. Of those, the name chosen as a winner of the contest was Jill Weatherholt, a fellow blogger that I’ve “known” for several years.

More readers selected the photo of the horses “head on”, and the name chosen of those is Phyllis S.  As I read back over the comments, I find it interesting that a couple of you thought that would make a nice picture for October or November. Apparently, those in charge of the calendar had the same thought.

I was rather surprised that the contest judges didn’t select this photo. I do believe it may be my favorite of the three.

I will be contacting the winners by email for mailing addresses and sending each of you one of the 2018 calendars.  Thanks to all of you who participated, and happy last weekend-before-Christmas.

~These Days Of Mine~