Monday Morning Mews

Hello, readers! Sundae here with this week’s mews.

I have a special video of “moi” to share with you later in the post. But before I get to MY nmews,  I’d like to announce that there’s a birthday in the family today. It’s Motor Mommy’s niece, Barb’s birthday!  And I think I heard Mommy say that they’re going to have lunch together. (If grilled chicken is involved, I sure hope Mommy brings me a tiny taste.)

Happy Birthday, Barb!


And now…. my video.  My pawrents have a huge old roll-top desk, and Mommy’s computer is on it as well as this tiny lamp.  One day not long ago, I decided, for some odd reason, that the lampshade just needed my full attention.


Let me just say that no harm came to the lampshade.  Until that day, Motor Mommy had not seen me even give it a passing glance, and I haven’t noticed it since. (Or HAVE I?)

We kitties are just impossible to understand: I guess that’s just part of our charm.

~These Days Of Mine!




7 responses to “Monday Morning Mews

  1. Happy Birthday to Barb…..hope you two have a nice celebration! I think Sundae is merely straightening that lampshade….yeah…sure….that’s what she’s doing!

    Hugs, Pam

  2. The curiosity of a kitty – you have to love ’em. Happy Birthday Barb! Enjoy your visit.

  3. Cats are just weird sometimes, right? But adorable!

  4. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Just a point of interest that day!! Sometimes it takes us time to notice things.

  5. Happy Birthday, Barb !
    & sometimes those everyday items suddenly become ‘the thing’, huh ??

  6. “Let’s see what this thing does?” Right, Sundae?

  7. Happy birthday Barb !
    Sundae, you are a beautiful calico !

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