Winter Storm Riley

Last week, winter storm Riley breezed through our area.  Thankfully, its effects on us weren’t as bad as they were for others.  We only lost electricity for a few hours one evening, not for several days as some folks did.

The wind wreaked havoc with my bird feeders. I foolishly thought they’d be safe since they were attached to the tree limbs with wire ties (cable ties). But the wind was so strong that it actually twisted those cable ties in half. Thankfully none of the bird feeders were broken, but the birds and SQUIRRELS were inconvenienced and HUNGRY for a few days, until the conditions allowed me to replace and refill the feeders.

We also lost a substantial branch off our old cedar tree out on the point.

Thankfully, our old boat was spared.

We knew the beach at Carova would be impassable, but we took a drive to the Outer Banks Sunday, just to see the ocean. As Motor Man says: “She was angry”.

I tried to take some video to give you an idea, but the wind was so strong, I was having a difficult time standing, let alone holding the camera steady.


We’ve seen photos and videos on Facebook of the damage on the beach at Carova and know that the landscape there will be very different when we’re able to visit that area again.

~These Days Of Mine~


6 responses to “Winter Storm Riley

  1. Looks like the beach renovation crews will have to do a little work before you all can drive along the beach again… was quite a WINDY event that’s for sure!!


  2. She sure was an angry ocean. Glad your boat was spared and most of the cedar. Looks like you’ll need a clean-up crew. Now ‘batten down the hatches’! Here comes another storm!

  3. Motor Man was right – that ocean and the wind were very angry! We had a very windy night last week, but guess what we woke up to this morning? Snow!

  4. There is nothing like the aftermath of a storm on or near the beach. Glad your boat was safe and the feeders spared for another day. We had big bad wind here too but never lost power, an odd thing around these parts.

  5. Angry is right ! Video proof !
    There was some footage of the beach on the news last night.. whole lot of work ahead..

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    The wind was not our friend this time, that’s for sure.

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