20 Years

Twenty years ago last night, Motor Man and I had our first date.  We celebrate the date every year.

The restaurant we ate at that night closed several years ago, the building has been demolished, and now a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop is located on that site.

So, last night, Marshall joined us at a nearby steakhouse where we enjoyed a nice dinner. Then we went to that Krispy Kreme. Just because.

When we went to the counter to order our doughnuts, the cashier asked me about our camera: “who’s the photographer?” I told her the story: 20 years ago was our first date, that night, we had eaten at a restaurant located there, and every year on that date, we return. And I brought the camera so we could get a picture.

She thought that was such a sweet story. A few minutes after we sat at our table, she walked over with two cups of coffee “on the house” and wished us a Happy Anniversary.

I donated my coffee to Marshall.

See the young lady (wearing the hat) in the background?  She’s the one who surprised us with the coffee.  Such a thoughtful gesture on her part.

Good company, good food and a surprise act of kindness made for a nice evening of celebrating 20 years.

~These Days Of Mine~


12 responses to “20 Years

  1. Sounds like a lovely celebration and a gift from a stranger was a bonus!


  2. And I was thinking your first date was at this Krispy Kreme, which in my opinion would have been a definite “win” by Motor Man!! But the fact that you meet there because it’s the location of actual restaurant which is no longer there is even more special! Happy First Date-iversary!!♥

  3. Happy Anninversary! And many more!

  4. We have a first date anniversary too. I think we’re coming up on 38 years! Our first date was dinner and amusement park rides in Oregon. Too far to go to recreate. Always nice to remember where it all began.

  5. Oh How SWEET!! 20 years! My how time flies when you’re having fun – and the two of you obviously have. You got me to thinking – our first date was 48 years ago – Oh My Goodness!!! We have both been blessed:)

  6. A very special occasion! 💕😊

  7. So sweet! Everything about this post is sweet – the sentiment behind it, the date 20 years ago, that you commemorate it the way you do, the fact that Marshall joins you two for it, the photo, the server treating you to a special on the house, and of course, the donuts!! ❤

  8. This is the way to commemorate special times ! Good food, good donuts, good company, & someone joining in unexpectedly to celebrate !

  9. Congratulations ! Thanks for sharing !

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Sounds like a wonderful evening. I just love when people do kind actions out of the blue. ❤

  11. What a great way to celebrate such a momentous occasion!

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