Daily Archives: May 28, 2018

May I See Your ID Please?

A few days ago, I was out puttering around in the yard.  Always alert for snakes, I caught glimpse of movement out of the corner of my eye.

I apologize for the poor photo quality; these were taken with my cell phone. At the time, I just snapped the photos because this was a pretty good size “turtle”.

But, when I began looking at them closer, I noticed the white face (what?) and those eerie white CLAWS.

I continued to take pics as he/she moved along our driveway. But, I was wearing flip-flops, and let me tell you: when it started moving in my direction, I backed up VERY quickly.

My friend, Renee, is a true animal lover (of all species), so I messaged these pics to her.  She is a member of several online animal groups and posted the photos to some of those groups.

The general consensus of the experts seems to be that this is a Northern Diamondback Terrapin.

I searched online for photos and had to check several sites before I found one that shows the white mouth.  I located this one on the American Museum of Natural History web page.

And I do believe we have a positive ID on my visitor.   Thanks, Renee!

~These Days Of Mine~