Wild Horses By The Atlantic

You may recall that, a couple of years ago, Motor Man and I randomly met a sweet couple  (Renee and Mike) from Ohio on the beach at Carova. Renee was taking pictures of the horses, and….so was I (imagine that).  We “hit it off” and became Facebook friends.  They return to the Outer Banks once or twice yearly, and we drive down to spend some time with them while they’re in the area.

From my blog posts, you already know that Carova is a magical place for me. Renee feels the same way. Last week, they were at the beach on vacation, so Motor Man and I spent last Tuesday with them.

It was The. Perfect. Day. on the beach. The wind was from the west, which meant the flies were annoying the horses (not a good thing), but that also brings the horses to the water’s edge seeking relief. We lost count of how many horses we actually saw, but we’re guessing  70+.

When you have that many harems in one location, there are going to be “dust-ups” among the stallions. Although one of those looked pretty serious, thankfully neither horse seemed to be injured.

There was action everywhere; too much for Renee and I to capture with our cameras, although we certainly tried.

This won’t be the smoothest video you’ve ever watched, but I didn’t edit it. I thought those of you who’ve never been to the area would enjoy seeing not only the horses by the ocean, but also them running up on the dunes. I caught a couple of encounters among the stallions in this, including one kicking up his heels down by the water around the 30-second mark. (There is sound, but depending on your browser, that may not work. For me, it works through Edge, but not AOL.)

Motor Man and I didn’t think to take our tripod, so we asked a stranger to take a couple of pictures of us.

Hmmm….these two look a little guilty about something.

Mike and Renee are so much fun; we always enjoy our visits with them. After our amazing time on the beach, they treated us to lunch before we headed back home.

We’re already looking forward to their next visit, and can only hope the horses are as plentiful then as they were this time.

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11 responses to “Wild Horses By The Atlantic

  1. wonderful article recorded very clear video
    all very spotless, thanks them!

  2. So many, so wild and free! It’s wonderful to see them and to see you, and great to see the menfolk there too, even if they may be “up to something” Thank you for the photos and video.

  3. Wow! Great shots and video. I enjoyed every second.

  4. Perfect weather for great times and great pics ( & vids ) ..
    “Wild Horses by the Atlantic” sounds like a good song title !!

  5. Oh my gosh, that was an incredible video!! I know you and Renee were in horse heaven! It was beautiful beyond words. No wonder you could not count them! Just incredible, thanks for sharing, and nice to see our friends from Ohio enjoying themselves. She even got to see the new fawn later in the week! Magical vacation for them 🏖

  6. Great photos and it really looks like the four of you had fun watching all those horses enjoying YOUR (!) beach!!


  7. WOW – Amazing photos and videos. You definitely got the BEST day to be horse watching. Felt like we were right there with you.

  8. Wonderful video. I can “feel” your enjoyment and excitement!

  9. Breathtaking video. The horses were definitely feeling-their-oats, so to speak. Magnificent!
    Looks like everyone had a wonderful time visiting and enjoyed the great weather for watching the wild beauties.

  10. Not only is ‘your’ place on the Outer Banks a magical place to see the horses, it’s a great spot to make friends. Although making friends with you, Dianna, is as easy thing to do because you are so gracious and kind. One of these days, we’re going to make it back down there and we will have a meet up!

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    It looks like it was a perfect day in many ways. Horses and good friends can’t ask for anything better.

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