I Will Laugh With You

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Motor Man in the 40+ years I’ve known him and the 16+ years we’ve been married, it’s that he has an amazing sense of humor.

Last week, I celebrated my birthday in various ways. It was a really fun week, and today, I’m scheduled to have lunch with yet another friend to celebrate.

Saturday, my friend, Donna, gave me a sweet little “Amish wagon”, which required assembly, so it had been at our shop. Monday afternoon, when Motor Man got home, he asked me to come outside: he said he’d had to tow something home.

Wait for it.


I must say that there’s rarely a day that he doesn’t make me smile. At least once.

For our wedding, we chose a reading to recite after the pastor. One line was: “I will laugh with you. I will cry with you“.  There have been very few tears through the years, but there has been (and continues to be) much laughter.

My Motor Man makes sure of that.

~These Days Of Mine~

21 responses to “I Will Laugh With You

  1. that would be the perfect size for the 3.5 hp of our elephant skate ;O)))

  2. And that laughter together is the best gift you two can give each other and is a GREAT symbol of your marriage/friendship! Thanks for sharing with us and letting us laugh right along with you two.

  3. Laughter is the best medicine but also the glue that keeps two people together…..! That little wagon is absolutely ADORABLE.


  4. here’s to love and laughter

  5. I giggled when I saw the pic! It’s perfect!!!

  6. Aleen, I mean Barb, I mean Aleen

    Tell ‘Motor Man’ he made me laugh out loud!

  7. Little did MotorMan know but he spread laughter all around. I am still laughing over his towed wagon.

  8. I couldn’t wait to see what it looked like assembled!! Looks GREAT. I can see thick yellow flowers tumbling over sides. But the most wonderful is how Jr. towed it to you!!!Life is good when you can laugh. 😃

  9. So… you seem to have two treasures there.👍😇

  10. A sense of humour is a must to keep a marriage together. My hubby quotes Monty Python when things get too serious. It always cracks me up and whatever was wrong, goes away.

  11. I agree with Darlene! Our family loves a good laugh and Monty Python quotes sure come in handy! “Do coconuts migrate?”
    Laughter always lighten things up and Motor Man sure knows how to use it!

  12. So cool ..
    when you told me yesterday that y’all were hauling the rain back with you, I thought “well, if they’re using that cart, it won’t be a downpour” ; )

  13. Got to love MM and his sense of humor. He’s a peach. You two are perfect for each other. 😀

  14. So sweet and thoughtful!!

  15. Marilyn Myers


  16. What a cute wagon! That Motir Man is a keeper.

  17. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    For sure JR is a very special man and you two make a very special couple. ❤

  18. Precious!

  19. That’s hysterical! I’m so glad you have Motor Man to keep you in stitches. That wagon is adorable too. Now where are you going to put it?

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