Just Kitties

It’s been a while since any of the kitties have been featured here on These Days. And apparently, their little feelings have been hurt. So today, it’s all about the kitties:

One day last week, Motor Man had gotten home before I did. When I walked in, this was the cozy scene:

And Gypsy, enjoying a bag …

…as only a kitty can.

Marshall often shares pictures with me of his three kitties. He said he caught Chessie right in the middle of a good “scratching session”:

This is his kitty, Snugg, who obviously knows when his picture is being taken:

And Screamer, who is also a bit of a “ham”:

Hopefully, the kitties will be happy now with a little time in the spotlight. And I must say that I enjoy posting about them much more than…..(eek) snakes.

~These Days Of Mine~


9 responses to “Just Kitties

  1. I see a bunch of happy kitties in all the photos and trust me – I certainly prefer seeing sweet cats instead of those snakes who invaded your yard too!


  2. Oh, how sweet! They are definitely aware of when the camera is on them. And the bag…don’t they always like the ‘accidental’ toys over the bought ones. All of the kitties look well-loved!

  3. Marilyn Myers

    Love all of these! The one with JR and Sundae is so funny – especially with the cat blanket on the chair:) We had a cat named Whiskers, that we called “the bag lady”, since she immediately tried to get in or lay on the paper grocery bags as soon as they were emptied and on the floor…while our other 3 cats could care less about the bags. Love the expression on Chessie during the scratching session! lol

  4. Wonderful pictures of you sweet cat friends!!!

  5. Thanks for featuring them again! Never a dull moment, and always plenty of opportunities for a pic or two ! Everybody’s lookin’ good … ; )

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    It was good to see Sundae and Gypsy again enjoying themselves The picture of Sundae with JR and the one of Gypsy playing in the gift bag are precious. Love seeing Marshall’s kitties too.

  7. They are all beauties. I want to rub Snugg’s tummy.

  8. Great pictures of your cats. I think they’re very cute, and I’m not even a cat lover. I could be after seeing yours, though.

  9. Kitty pictures are WAY, WAY better than snake photos! I’m still cringing over your black snake tales. So bring on the kitties…and the horses…and other happier critters.

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