Just Another Day On The Beach

Correction: Just Another GORGEOUS Day On The Beach.

It’s been a while few days since I’ve shared wild horse photos, so here are some of my recent favorites.

Although it’s always a treat to see horses by the ocean, sometimes you get the best reflections on one of the “back roads”.

I was excited to, once again, see baby Castano (first discovered on Mother’s Day) with his mom on one of the dunes. Those little legs are really getting long.

You would never guess what had the attention of this harem.  A nearby beach-goer had a radio-controlled vehicle, and although he wasn’t running it near the horses, they were definitely curious.

It couldn’t have been a more beautiful day for photos.

A penny for your thoughts.

And my favorite picture of the day, capturing a playful encounter by the water.

We had the windows down, and our local oldies station (WGH, 1310.  You can listen online too) on the radio. It was amazing to me how many songs we heard related to our surroundings:

“I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” (‘Like a river flows, surely to the sea’)
“Montego Bay”
“Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay”
“The Swim”
“Brandy” (‘My life, my love and my lady is the sea’)
“Summer Rain” (‘all summer long, we spent dancing in the sand…we sailed into the sunset’)

Just another perfect day on the beach.

~These Days Of Mine~


10 responses to “Just Another Day On The Beach

  1. Glad you enjoyed your perfect day at the beach……nice you got to see Castano again!


  2. YES!! What a gorgeous day, and the horses never disappoint. The clouds are such a beautiful backdrop also. Maybe that oldies station was having a beach music day – sure was perfect.

  3. gorgeous is right! thanks for sharing these shots

  4. Gorgeous photos Dianna. I love the “reflections” best.

  5. We have recently moved to North Carolina and I cannot wait to come over to see the wild horses! Loved your photos. Keep the coming Dianna.

  6. You said it – perfect day at the beach! Great photos as always and I love that the radio station played those tunes (just for you & MM!). 😉 On our way back from vacation on Friday, hubby had Pandora playing in the car and as we crossed over the state line to our home state, guess which song started playing? Homeward Bound. Perfect.

  7. They were putting on a show !
    & it really is amazing how the music can be a soundtrack sometimes ..

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a beautiful day on the beach it was!! Wonderful pictures of the horses against the lovely blue sky.

  9. Sounds like a wonderful day. Relaxing and enjoying the magnificent horses. Great photo and cool tunes.

  10. These phots, and horses are unbeliable, so amazing!

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