Descendants’ Day

On Saturday, Preservation Virginia, the organization that owns Bacon’s Castle, hosted “Descendants’ Day” there at the property. 58 of us whose ancestors had either owned the Castle, lived there or worked there attended.

Descendants of the Allen family were there (Arthur Allen built Bacon’s Castle, known then as Allen’s Brick House, in 1665. It was passed down through several generations of Allens).

I also saw name tags of Bacon family members (Nathaniel Bacon was most likely never at Bacon’s Castle, but his followers briefly took over the property and used it as a fortress during Bacon’s Rebellion in 1676. Following that, the house was known as Bacon’s Castle.)

I met members of the Hankins family (who owned the house during the Civil War era).

Although I didn’t meet them,  I’m sure other families were represented.  But, to my knowledge, I was the only Warren family descendant that attended. (William Allen Warren, an ancestor of my maternal grandmother, bought Bacon’s Castle in 1880, and was the first of three generations of Warrens to own the property.)

Staff members from Preservation Virginia were there to greet us, give tours, answer questions and help with genealogical research.

We were asked to bring old family photos, so, with Motor Man’s help, I put together this collage.

My display was set up in one of the upstairs rooms. There, I met Mr. Johnson, who was very interested in my photos and actually remembered my grandparents. He is a quiet, humble man who told me that, as a young child, he lived in a house there on the property.  We were looking out of one of the windows in the direction of that house when he softly said: “I sure would like to have a picture of that.” So I went to Will, one of the staff members that I’d been speaking with earlier, and mentioned it to him. He immediately asked Mr. Johnson for his address and promised to send him a photo.

A short time later, Motor Man and I caught up with Mr. Johnson on the porch of the house he lived in many years ago. This house was originally used as slave quarters, and funding is now in place for it to be renovated.

Before the event ended, we gathered for a group photo. I’m third from the right in the picture, standing behind the railing. And yes, that’s my buddy, Mr. Johnson, standing beside me.

Of course, since Motor Man and I were married at Bacon’s Castle, we never pass up the opportunity to have our picture taken there.

It was a very nice event, one that I was honored to attend.  As I mentioned to someone, I’m always ready to talk about the Castle.

I’m sure our ancestors would have been pleased that we gathered to remember them at this very special place that connects us all.

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12 responses to “Descendants’ Day

  1. I love this post and I love how you are able to connect with Mr. Johnson. What a fun event this must have been for you. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I’m sure you were in your glory. Such a nice day.

  3. that is so cool and i love your connection with mr. johnson

  4. Oh I’m sure all the associated ancestors were proud to be represented at this year’s Descendant’s Day at the Castle. I know it was a fun day and how incredibly SPECIAL that you met Mr. Johnson – I bet he has some great stories too.


  5. What a lovely day you had in your special place. I bet there were some great stories shared that day. 🙂

  6. Such a remarkable place .. filled with remarkable stories of remarkable people… Great pics ! A little more recognition for a home that deserves it !

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a lovely event. I can see why you had a good time. I never shy away from more history of this great house. I can see why you became friends with Mr. Johnson.

  8. I love history! And I’m in awe that you have such a long lineage and can point to places where your family has lived ~ amazing! Our family farm is now 5 generations and I hope for more 🙂 Wonderful post and you look fabulous my friend!! MJ

  9. Descendants Day – what an amazing idea. Looks like it was definitely enjoyed by all and to make new friendships – very special. And old pictures are my favorite.

  10. How did I miss this!! Wonderful recounting of an event so important to you and family. Pictures were great.

  11. Debra Drake Hogue

    I am a descendent of Arthur Allen and also the Warrens of Fort Smith. I would like to know when the next descendents day is going to be. I am going to take my grandson to see these places as he likes history.

    • Hi, Debra, I was told that the event wouldn’t be an annual one. Attendance this year was down considerably from last year (the first one). Thanks for the comment. You and I are probably distantly related (my maternal grandmother was a Warren. Search the Bacon’s Castle category on my blog to read past posts about that property and my family’s connections!)

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