Grandma’s Mystery

My paternal grandmother died before I was born. But I had my maternal grandmother until I was 16. She lived about a quarter mile from us, so we visited her every day. Grandma was pretty special to me, but I guess most of us feel that way about our grandmother/grandparents.

This is the only picture I have of the two of us together.  My grandmother is wearing the blue dress and standing directly behind me. That’s my mom on the far left. This picture was just shared with me by a cousin in the past year or so. Old family photos are such treasures.

I remember Grandma as being a very kind, gentle woman who always had time for me. This picture was taken at one of our family reunions. She was mother to twelve, so the reunions were a big deal. Note her corsage (perhaps two?), most likely flowers picked from the yards of her children.

Grandma’s house had a screened-in porch on the side, and I remember many summer days spent visiting with her there. (That was where a friend taught me, as a child, to blow bubbles with bubble gum. What an accomplishment that was.)

But, in later years, her family discovered a mystery. She always celebrated her birthday on June 23. Her daughters, while going through papers after her death, discovered that her birth date was actually June 15. And no one knew why she celebrated it eight days later.

So Happy Birthday tomorrow, Grandma, on the date you chose to celebrate.  For whatever the reason.

~These Days Of Mine~

13 responses to “Grandma’s Mystery

  1. These old family photographs are precious. I loved my grandmother very much too. Great memories.

  2. Family photos are precious…….I have very few. It’s nice that your extended family locates old photo treasures from time to time and shares them. Interesting that your Grandma celebrated her birthday on a day of HER choosing…..I’m sure there was a very good reason for that!


  3. I love those photographs. I am blessed to have a lot of ones of my own as well and it makes me feel a bit more connected. It is a mystery why she celebrated it on a different date but what is important is that she celebrated it when she wanted to, right? Good for her.

  4. that is so interesting. there are so many questions that i wish i could have answered by my grandparents and parents who are no longer here –

  5. You are right. Grandparents are special gems of our memories to be polished, brought out and shared with family (and friends). This was a gentle summer’s walk of sweet memories. Thanks for sharing. I think I will take my memory gems and do a little polishing. Good weekend my friend.

  6. Thank you for sharing this Dianna…I love learning about the family and I didn’t know when she was born…

  7. “For whatever the reason” is right ! Happy Birthday !
    Would be really cool to know, though …. ! ???

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    i do not remember but am pretty sure I had been in your Grandmother’s store . Mama and Daddy were in Bacons Castle often so I am sure we were in there at some point. I agree our Grandmothers are very special women in our lives. Wonderful blog and Happy Birthday, Mrs Ellis. ❤

  9. Old photos of family members are so lovely, full of memories.

  10. Treasured photos and memories. Lovely post to honor your beloved grandmother. I too have such fond memories of the only grandma and grandpa I knew (both died when I was 9). They lived with us for a couple of years before they passed and I still recall how special they always made me feel.

  11. What a wonderful story with your pictures – and to get the one of the you with your Grandma. Yes, Grandmas are so special, mine sure was. I remember going in your Grandma’s store once – just can’t remember if it were with you or Lona. Remarkable lady.

  12. Wonderful pictures and memories. When mum and I registered my father’s death I found out the his date of birth was officially the day before the one he had always celebrated. No one can explain it.

  13. Love this! My paternal Grandmother wore dresses regularly, too – House Dresses with an apron — and many times we made her corsages, which she wore proudly. She loved jewelry and would “dress up” with a pretty brooch or pearl necklace, the big thick kind like Barbara Bush wore. I have some of her jewelry and wear it ~ she was my safe place always. Lucky is the child who has the love and coziness of a Grandmother 🙂 xo MJ

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