Easy Way Out

No lengthy blog post today: I’m taking the easy way out and just sharing a couple of pictures from yesterday.

At dinner with my two guys on the Eastern Shore of Virginia:

And an unusual sky at sunset on the way home, taken from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.

Happy Labor Day Monday! How are you spending yours?

~These Days Of Mine~

7 responses to “Easy Way Out

  1. Sometimes all you need is a picture or two. Happy Labour Day!! xo

  2. simple does it best sometimes, happy labor day )

  3. Glad you had a nice dinner with the boys! Beautiful sunset shot – nice of that cloud to come along and make it so interesting……..


  4. You know what they say…a picture is worth a thousand words. Great photos! Happy Labor Day to you and yours. I’m purposefully not laboring today, just taking it easy.

  5. I agree – a picture is worth a thousand words, and your pictures speak volumes. Enjoy your Day!

  6. I had a good time last night ! .. & what an interesting display ..
    I look forward to doing it again sometime !

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Nice time with family and wonderful pictures. It’s a quite Labor Day for me and Chuck. Had dinner with our daughter yesterday which was very nice.

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