Grandaddy’s Love; Little Girl’s Treasure

There’s a wonderful little vintage shop, creatively named “Vintage Potential”, in our town. The owner frequently posts, on the shop’s Facebook page, pictures of items for sale.  Followers can comment ‘sold’ to claim the item, then arrange payment and pick-up.

Yesterday, I happened to see an item on Facebook just a few minutes after it was posted. I didn’t comment ‘sold’, because I wanted to actually see it in person first.  I did, however, hurry on down town to have a look.

And….I bought it. Later, Motor Man, Marshall and I went to bring it home.

This tiny child’s dresser, made of pine, is only 39 inches tall.

The inside of the top left drawer is made from the wood of an old raisin box.

And, although this little dresser is adorable, I think what may have “sold” me on it is the note attached to the back.
Made by Robert Reynolds for his granddaughter, Angela Reynolds, Georgetown, D.C. 1925.
Refinished by Warren (?) for his wife, the same Angela, Paris, Va. 1989

One of my first thoughts when I saw the date it was made was that my Mom’s youngest sister, Sarah, was born in 1925, while the family lived in Bacon’s Castle.

Then I happened to think: was Angela the first grandchild of Robert Reynolds? His first granddaughter? Just imagine the love he put into crafting this tiny piece of furniture for her.

As I often do when I purchase (or even see) an item in an antique shop, I wonder if Angela had no descendants to fall heir to this family treasure.

Rest easy, Angela, Robert and Warren. This beautiful little dresser, made with love by Grandaddy, loved by his granddaughter and, then, years later, refinished with love by her husband, now has a home. And, once again, it is loved.

~These Days Of Mine~

10 responses to “Grandaddy’s Love; Little Girl’s Treasure

  1. What a wonderful story. To have so provenance on a sweet find you already love. makes it that much more precious! Beautiful that it now has a loving home with you.

  2. How wonderful that you have given this piece of furniture a home and much love. There is a story there.

  3. That’s an adorable piece of childrens’ furniture and to have that note on the back is absolutely wonderful!


  4. I can see the appeal of this very special piece. It’s a one-off which is again treasured. How wonderful!

  5. I fell in love with your treasure the minute I saw the picture, but then the story just ‘sold’ me. It definitely has a good home with you.

  6. Quite a find .. I wish everybody could actually see it in person — it’s so tiny !

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I knew it!! I was looking at this too and when I saw it sold I knew it was you, dear friend. So happy you got this precious piece of furniture. Had no ideal it has such a wonderful history attached. Could not have found a better home. ❤ PS: Vintage Potential is my favorite store in Smithfield!!! ❤

  8. A beautiful purchase and a beautiful story!

  9. Awww, what endearing thoughts about that little dresser. A treasure indeed and it’s happy to be loved again.

  10. Oh my goodness– I love this dresser and that note! That is such a wonderful find and it has a perfect home with you. It is beautiful and I am thrilled that you now have given it the perfect home.

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