How Much Is That…

…doggie in the window?

Motor Man and I saw this in our travels over the weekend. That doggie had a long trip home –  while looking back at where he’s been. (We’re in Virginia, and the truck had Pennsylvania license plates.) He looks a little sad to leave, doesn’t he?

When we saw this, Motor Man was the first to make the “doggie in the window” connection, which immediately led to the blog post idea.

I remember hearing this song through the years, but never heard it in its entirety. Very cute lyrics: they sure don’t write (or sing) ’em like they used to.


And, folks, there’s your “earworm” for the weekend! (You’re welcome.)

~These Days Of Mine~



8 responses to “How Much Is That…

  1. Oh, thanks for the earworm. 😉 And I will be singing it all day. I do remember that song very well, but I did not remember that Patti Page sang it. Patti Page….there’s a blast from the past. My oldest sister used to work at a “5 and 10 store” when she was in high school. Sometimes she would bring a surprise home for me, her little 5-yr-old sister. Once it was Patti Page cutout dolls. Thanks for the memories your post brought back to me today. And the doggie in the window does look a little sad to be leaving Virginia.

  2. Oh, you brought back the memories this morning. I’ve always LOVED that Patti Page song. Love it when a ‘real-time picture’ brings on song lyrics and tunes.

  3. I remember that song clearly……funny how some things stick in your head for a lifetime!


  4. Love the video and what a beautiful voice! Recognize Patti Page name, but wonder what else she did. Sweet post!!

  5. I used to sing this to my grandgirls when they were little. Ooops. Age revelation.

  6. I LOVE that song and sing it to my doggie all the time. Thanks!

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    One of the classics for sure. Love the picture of the dog looking out.

  8. He does look a bit sad.. But we know he’ll enjoy every mile home- with his head hung out the back !

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