Each Trip Is Different

As most of you well know, driving to the four-wheel-drive beaches of Carova on the Outer Banks of North Carolina is a favorite day trip for Motor Man and me.

Some things are constant, but yet different each time:  we’re going to be driving along the ocean. But what will her temperament be on that particular day? Sometimes she’s smooth as glass, other time’s she’s very angry.

And each time,  we’re driving ON the beach, but the condition of the sand varies from trip to trip. Some days, it’s like driving on the interstate, and, at times,  we don’t even have to use our four-wheel-drive.  Other times, the sand is so deep and soft, and the ride so rough, we fear losing our teeth…. and getting stuck.

It’s rare that we don’t see wild horses, but how many and where we’ll see them changes with each trip. It’s especially nice to see them by the water.

But even if we only see them from the “back roads”, we’re good.

They’re beautiful regardless of their particular location.

But, one thing we find just happens by chance, and that’s the folks we meet while on the beach.

I’ve shared posts before about Renee and Mike, a couple we met on the beach a few years ago. The four of us “hit it off”, and since then, we’ve arranged a get-together whenever they visit the area.

On one of our recent trips, Motor Man stopped so I could take pictures of the horses on the beach (second one in this post). I noticed three people nearby, taking pictures of each other with the horses in the background. So I asked if they’d like a picture of the three of them together.

They were so friendly, and we began chatting. I learned that the couple, Caty and Jon, had just gotten married the day before in an oceanfront wedding in nearby Kill Devil Hills. Caty’s mom, Cathy, was with them and excitedly shared that happy info with me. I just happened to have some 2018 Corolla Wild Horse Fund calendars in our vehicle, and one of those was my wedding gift to them. And, I couldn’t leave out the mother-of- the bride.

They weren’t from the area, so Motor Man asked if they’d like to follow us, and we’d take them on the back roads in search of more horses. They agreed, and off we went.

We did see more horses, but further up the beach, our new friends were in for another treat. I’ve shared posts on here before about the Gypsy Queen. Yes, the newlyweds (and Mom) were treated to a tour.

Cathy later sent this photo of Caty and Jon on their wedding day and gave me permission to share it here. (I think she looks like a princess.)

Beautiful scenery is a given on our beach trips, and seeing horses is a norm. But chance meetings with friendly folks is definitely a bonus.

~These Days Of Mine~




11 responses to “Each Trip Is Different

  1. I love those chance meetings. Always nice to meet new folks with similar interests. Sounds like a perfect day!

  2. Cathy Treadwell

    Beautiful pictures! Loved reading the memory! The photography truly pictured the beach and the horses the way they were!

  3. I LOVE it! The pictures are wonderful – especially the ones by the water with the driftwood stump in front. She does look like a princess – such a happy-looking couple. Best wishes to them.

  4. Pretty pics, awesome story, and a beautiful bride!! She does look like a Disney princess! Good fortune is still smiling on them since they met you and motor man to tour the hidden recesses and see horses and the boat!! Many happy wishes to the newlyweds!

  5. Great photos as always…..what a nice chance encounter – I bet they will always remember the nice lady and her husband who took them “behind the dunes” to see more horses.


  6. Another great beach adventure ! The horses and scenery definitely work together no matter what the combination, & meeting nice people is the bonus !

  7. You always have neat adventures on the beach!

  8. What a grand day you had. Thanks for sharing all the pics too. They are almost as good as being there.

  9. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Sounds like a blessed meeting for all. Lovely wedding picture. The horses seen happy with everything going on too. ❤

  10. What a lovely day you had and meeting and making new friends is a bonus. I agree–she looks like a princess in that photo. Still going to make that trip one day to meet you and your horses. 🙂

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