Mountain Drive, A Surprise And Friends

When we left Virginia Safari Park on Saturday, we continued on to the Shenandoah National Park to drive the scenic Skyline Drive.  We were late for peak foliage, but we managed to find a little color. (That gorgeous blue sky helped out quite a bit.)

We forgot our tripod, but, at one of the scenic overlooks, we saw a couple taking pictures of each other. So they took our picture, and we took theirs.

At one point, as we rounded a curve, I spotted a bear. Having never seen one other than at a zoo, Motor Man said later that my excitement was equal to that of a child’s.

Thankfully, my camera was in my lap, so I was able to snap some quick pictures of it.

“What? You’ve never seen a bear before?

After that excitement, we drove on to Warrenton, where we stayed the night. The next day, we visited with my dear friend, Pam (Two Spoiled Cats) and her hubby, Dave. Pam and I met through blogging eight years ago, and for a while, our friendship was online only. But then we (along with her Davey and my Motor Man) began meeting a few times a year. Saturday, our visit with them began at a nearby farmers market.

The four of us then went to lunch and later browsed through an antique mall.

We then spent some time at their home, and their gorgeous big boy kitty, Teddy briefly joined us.

Motor Man and I avoided the interstate and took a leisurely drive home late Sunday afternoon.

It was one of those special weekends, full of fun times with lots of memories made.

~These Days Of Mine~


10 responses to “Mountain Drive, A Surprise And Friends

  1. You were in my neck of the woods!
    I was just on Skyline Drive from Front Royal to Luray yesterday..

  2. Skyline is one of my favorite spots – all seasons. What a treat to see a bear – as often as we’re up there we haven’t seen one just tons of deer. Glad you spent time with us in Warrenton – what fun we had!! Teddy was at least “cooperative” enough for one photo…..I usually have to catch him asleep to get one! Thanks for visiting with us……as you said yourself – “memories made”……………


  3. Lovely! That Skyline Drive looks amazing and the colors are pretty even if they aren’t peak. Teddy –what a cutie! Love it when memories are made that are so wonderful. Thanks for sharing yours!

  4. Aren’t friends just the BEST???? You were definitely blessed with scenery, friends, and fellowship. Great for all! The Hills are so pretty in the fall, and well, anytime!

  5. So much in one weekend ! Glad yall had a great time, & a little bonus with the bear sighting.. They do make an impression ! Skyline Drive was looking good, too ..

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a fun weekend. The bear was a extra bonus.

  7. Glad you got pictures of the bear. I see them on Skyline Drive but usually they disappear really fast.

  8. Skyline Drive is so beautiful in the fall. The photos of the bear are amazing.

  9. Oh, the Skyline Drive is such a pretty place. We’ve driven on it ourselves and I can only imagine how lovely it would be in the fall. You had a spectacular weekend (including the bear sighting!) filled with tons of good things.

  10. OMG what gorgeous pictures!!! The bear would have had me squealing as well. Great shots for on the fly, especially him peeking behind tree. The trees skyline and sunset just perfect. Lved big boy, and so glad you and Pam got to go antiquing. Looks like a wonderful weekend!!

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