A Special Start To The Season

My friends, Donna and Linda, invited me to an early Christmas event last Saturday: the Holly Jolly Festival in an area of Richmond. (Linda lives nearby, and Donna did for many years.)

You know how much you want to spend time with your friends when you drive an hour and a half each way (including the dreaded Interstate-95) to be with them. I grew up in the country: we didn’t have interstates.

We shopped in several shops, enjoying the beautiful holiday decorations and humming/singing along with the Christmas music. Neither of us spent an enormous amount of money, but we did make some purchases. And I found a couple of Christmas gifts

Oh, and we donned our Christmas headgear and had our picture taken with Santa. Just look at Donna Donner: I think she’s jockeying for more toys on Christmas morning.

Then, The Grinch showed up, so we thought it only fair to have a picture with him, too. (I must confess that, although I’m familiar with the song, and I’ve heard that he “stole Christmas”,  I have no idea what the whole Grinch thing is all about. Shhhh…don’t tell anyone.)

Then, we three girls ditched those guys and enjoyed a leisurely lunch, and shopped a little more.

Soon it was time for me to hit I-95 south to head home. Totally worth braving that interstate to spend the day with friends.

PS. My snowman hat is from CVS pharmacy: $5.99. Haute couture.

~These Days Of Mine~


8 responses to “A Special Start To The Season

  1. LOVE the hat and thanks for the heads up on where to get it, I am actually driving a short hour and half today to meet up with my friend Ann for a nice couple of days together. I asked if she was free anytime this week at the last minute and we scheduled a quick get away. I gotta go get ready to go and yes—it will be worth every minute of the drive!

  2. Glad you had fun with “the girls” and had your picture taken with Santa AND the Grinch. That was a super popular movie and I think it must still be – I see that DVD in lots of checkout lines this time of year!


  3. Great post Dianna!! It was a fun, cold day made warmer by having you drive to be with us. Like you, I am not as familiar with the Grinch, but I sure know the Santa story evidenced by my laying my head on the shoulder of Santa Steve!😁 Richmond was beautiful with Fall leaves and it was amusing being trapped in a maze by the marathon runners, but glad to see them .

  4. You girls have so much fun together! The headgear is priceless!

  5. You are definitely styling with your Haute couture. What fun you gals always seem to have. It was worth getting out of your comfort zone for the fun and fellowship. Now the Grinch – you really should see the old version of the How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Your Dr. Seuss education is not complete.

  6. Santa & the Grinch at the same gathering ? ? Good thing y’all kept them apart !

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a great way to start the Christmas season! Love the hat and Christmas gear. ❤

  8. How many people can say they saw Santa and The Grinch on the same day? Maybe three. 🙂

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