Beautiful Sunday

Motor Man and I took a day trip to Carova on the Outer Banks of North Carolina on Sunday. It had been four weeks since our last visit, and “one of us” was starting to shake….

We only saw ten horses, but those we saw gave us some smiles and photo ops.

These two were busy checking out the bird feeder in someone’s yard.

“They need to make these things horse-sized.  Can’t. Quite. Reach……”

But some of you know that our very favorite place to spot the horses is by the water.  With the sun, the water’s beautiful blue, the white waves and those amazing horses, this was just about the perfect set-up.

Motor Man was so patient; he’d drive up the beach, so we could wait for the horses to come toward us. I would take pictures, the horses would walk by us, then he would drive further up the beach, and…repeat.

But, then, those four did something that I’m not sure we’ve ever really seen (in person) before: they starting running along in the surf. And, although this really shows what a wimp I am, it was so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes.


And in this next picture, don’t they seem to be looking out over the ocean and discussing their view? “Yeah, I gotta say: this is the life….”

Hi, hi, hi, beautiful Sunday
This is my, my, my, beautiful day
When you say, say, say, say that you love me
Oh, my, my, my, it’s a beautiful day 
(Daniel Boone)

So thank you to the horses and my Motor Man for a breathtaking Sunday drive.

~These Days Of Mine~






8 responses to “Beautiful Sunday

  1. Absolutely beautiful day

  2. WOW!!! What a BEAUTIFUL day – definitely made to order. I’d say ‘This is the Life’ too! Enjoyed going along for the ride this morning.

  3. You are so not a wimp! What a beautiful day and a beautiful way to spend a beautiful day –with your favorite guy doing your favorite thing! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sounds windy but then it always makes those horses’ manes and tails look extra beautiful in the breeze! Sun, horses, and surf…..”it’s all good” !


  5. You’re not a wimp, Dianna, you just recognize beauty when you see it and it moves you. Have I ever thanked you for sharing “your” horses with us? Because if I haven’t, I’ve been remiss. The photos you capture are wonderful and we all enjoy seeing them so much. Of course, I’d rather come join you on the beach to see them in person. And that is going to happen one of these days!

  6. Very cool video! .. Its always good to see them doing whatever they want.. Wherever they choose to do it !

  7. What a perfect day and watching the horses run at the water’s edge was magical. Lucky you to see it.

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    The video is amazing! The horses are beautiful no matter what they are doing.

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