Tiny Trike, Tiny Horses

As usual, Motor Man and I had a busy weekend. Our travels included another visit to Cape Charles Friday to attend the first “Festive Friday” event of this holiday season.

We arrived a bit early, so Motor Man treated me to a visit to a nearby antique mall, where I found this tiny, adorable OLD tricycle:

I think it will be a cute addition to the hearth, especially at Christmas, perhaps with a vintage teddy bear atop the seat.

Speaking of Christmas, I managed to get this short video of the little “lighted horse parade” that was part of Festive Friday. Oh, the charm of a small town.

And let me just say that I need a miniature pony in my life.

(Just kidding, Motor Man….)

~These Days Of Mine~

6 responses to “Tiny Trike, Tiny Horses

  1. You DO need a miniature pony–you definitely do!

  2. Maybe a stuffed miniature pony – don’t have to worry about boarding:) I love the charm of old towns too. Sweet start to your Christmas season.

  3. A short video for a short parade but what a CUTE parade it was!


  4. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    How fun!! I love the tricycle. So many decorating choices.

  5. Nice vid! .. & that looks like the perfect spot for the trike !

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