A “Coke” And A Smile

Whenever I’m in an antique shop, I keep an eye out for vintage calendars.  I think they make a really nice gift if you’re able to find one from the year someone you know was born.

Last weekend, when I was antiquing on the Eastern Shore, I spotted this one.

I guess the first thing I noticed about it was that it was a Coca-cola calendar….how collectible is that?

Then I noticed the date.  And….let me just say that this one won’t be given away. Hmmm….. June 4 was on a Thursday that year…..

It’s in really nice condition.

What a wonderful tribute to our military servicewomen.

I love the  illustrations in the background: so depictive of that era. The red Coke “dispenser” on the bottom right in this next picture brought back memories of the one in my grandmother’s country store. They were the coldest Cokes ever.

This calendar definitely rates as one of my favorite antique shop finds.

So, Merry  Christmas to me.

~These Days Of Mine~








Coca Cola attempted to persuade the US Treasury to mint a 7.5 cent coin; a can of Coke had been a nickel since 1886 and needed to be raised due to inflation, but they felt a dime was too much.

10 responses to “A “Coke” And A Smile

  1. That is a really nice find! I

  2. LOVE, LOVE the calendar, but I have to admit that my eyes aren’t what they used to be, because I thought I was reading 1955 – and we know what a good year that was too. I love the tribute to the women and military. Nostalgic pictures. Enjoy your Christmas gift!

  3. Merry Christmas to you!


  4. Great idea to give vintage calendar gifts.

  5. I can see why its a fave .. Another great find !

  6. Perfect Christmas gift to yourself!

  7. What gorgeous pictures! Military themes
    What good condition!!! Good find.

  8. Shirley Matthews /dunn

    A great find for many good reasons. Now I know my first birthday was on a Tuesday. Thanks, Dianna, for the information. lol ❤

  9. Interesting about the 7.5 cent coin!

  10. That’s beautiful! And, like you, I have fond memories of an “iced cold” Coke out of one of those red coolers — ours (at the rink) had an old rag on the side that everyone used to wipe the bottle with. I can taste that coke right now!


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