Christmas Surprises

Motor Man has never been one to purchase gifts for me without my prior approval. He says he wants to be sure what he gives me is something I like. That being said….

Before my Christmas blogging break, I shared that my niece, Donna, and her son, Ray, were coming to spend Christmas with us. 

Christmas morning plans included breakfast here at home, and we invited Marshall to join us. So I was busy getting the table set, preparing food, etc. Motor Man announced that he was going to be in the garage for a little while, working on a “project”, he didn’t know how long he would be, and that I was NOT allowed to come in the garage until further notice.  Okay…..

A short time later, I’m scrambling eggs, cooking bacon, making peanut butter muffins (per Marshall’s request), and Motor Man returns from the garage. He tells me that Matt, one of our race engine customers, said I needed to look at my Facebook page. Um…. “I’m a little busy right this minute, could I possibly check it a little later?” Motor Man replies that Matt says I need to look at it right now.

So I check my messages, and there’s a photo of Matt’s little girl with a HUGE stuffed giraffe. I said: “Oh, cute! She got a giraffe for Christmas.” At that same time, the panic alarm on Motor Man’s truck sounded, courtesy of the key fob in his pocket.

This was the sight when I looked out the window.

As it turns out, Danny, another one of our customers had spotted this giraffe at T.J. Maxx weeks ago and told Motor Man about it. Motor Man had then asked Matt to pick it up for him me us. The picture of Matt’s little girl with the giraffe was taken a few weeks before Christmas during the time they were keeping it for us. So quite a few folks were responsible for this.

As Christmas Day progressed, contributions were made to the (as yet unnamed) giraffe’s holiday outfit. (The scarf was a Christmas gift to ME from my niece, Barb. It was just on loan to the giraffe.)

But, Motor Man wasn’t done with his surprise gifts just yet.  Some time ago, I mentioned to him that my favorite key ring had broken. It’s one that hooks over the side of my purse (with my keys inside). It’s very convenient in that I don’t have to rummage around for my keys when I need them.

He surprised me with this for Christmas.

Yes, he actually went in a gift shop specifically to look for that type key ring for me.

And I think he made excellent choices in both the giraffe AND the key ring.

There were other special surprises for me from my family this Christmas. Stay tuned next week for more details on those.

~These Days Of Mine~



12 responses to “Christmas Surprises

  1. wonderful surprises!

  2. PERFECT present for you! Perfect. Good on ya, Motor Man!

  3. Isn’t it wonderful when they find the perfect gift?

  4. Great surprises indeed……….!


  5. So much thought and planning and LOVE in those gifts. How sweet.

  6. I love the giraffe. A perfect gift.

  7. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Dianna, you have a keeper there! What lovely Christmas surprises from your Motor Man. 🙂

  8. Motor Man = Santa !!

  9. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Way to to go Motor Man!! You know your bride. ❤

  10. Oh I loved this!! LoveL a surprise gift with love and secret planning! And love the pocketbook hanger!! He just did such an incredible job. And I bet he loved surprising you as much as you did receiving! Wonderful Christmas story!

  11. Aw Motor Man picked out the perfect gift for you, the giraffe is truly a wonderful magical gift.
    The keyring is a handy looking fob. I’ve not seen one like it. I sew a round key ring in the top inside of my purses and use a small carbineer clip on my keychain to keep them in easy reach. Your key fob seems the better way to go.

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