Daily Archives: January 30, 2019

Winter’s Bright Spots

My friend, Donna, is responsible for the many squirrel bird feeders that I’m now attempting to keep filled. Donna is a self-proclaimed “bird nerd” and encouraged me to begin feeding our feathered friends.

Motor Man and I, as well as Sundae, certainly enjoy seeing the activity around those feeders.

Although most of our visitors (other than the squirrels) are red-winged blackbirds, who come in droves, we do occasionally see other birds.  It’s always nice to see these sweet goldfinch, even in their drab winter colors.

And the cheery red of a male cardinal always catches the eye. This one was nice enough to stay in that feeder long enough for me to get my camera.

Although it’s difficult to see, there IS a bright spot in this next picture, too: that tiny flash of red on the wing of the blackbird on the back side 0f the feeder.

Are you a casual bird feeder like we are?  Or a bird nerd like Donna? What birds are you seeing in your area?

~These Days Of Mine~