Soaking Up Sunshine

Motor Man and I took a trip to the Outer Banks recently. It had been a couple of weeks since we’d been, and I was beginning to show signs of withdrawal. He predicted that we would see horses because it was a sunny day, and the horses probably had a sense that a storm was approaching. So he thought they’d be out soaking up some vitamin D.

And he was right.

These three beautiful mares make up Raymond’s harem.  For those of you unfamiliar with Raymond, he is the resident…..mule of Carova. And, yes, he has a harem. A Corolla Wild Horse Fund staff member once posted on their Facebook page words to the effect: “Raymond thinks he’s a stud. Shhhh, don’t tell him he’s sterile”.

Here he is relaxing in the background. He was just out of camera range in the first photo. As those of us who frequent Carova like to say: “Everybody loves Raymond.”

And just to reinforce how accurate Motor Man was in his assumption that the horses would be enjoying the sun:

Soaking up those rays for a rainy/snowy day. (Love the outstretched front legs on this beautiful horse in the next photo.) And, as I often note, we weren’t nearly as close to these horses as the photos would indicate. I use a zoom lens, then crop the photos on my computer to bring the images in closer.

Just in the few years we’ve been going to the four-wheel-drive beaches of Carova, we’ve noticed more and more stumps being exposed on the beach.  It was such a pretty day, I braved the winds to get a picture.

Meanwhile, from inside the vehicle, using his trusty flip phone, Motor Man snapped one of me. I like it: it makes me appear much taller than I actually am.

Were you able to soak up any sunshine before the storm?

~These Days Of Mine~




9 responses to “Soaking Up Sunshine

  1. Love the pictures as always and so glad that your storm wasn’t any worse than it turned out to be. The horses know to soak up the good weather when they can, don’t they? Oh and we officially have a trip booked to the Outer Banks the last part of April first part of May so WE WILL MEET! 🙂

  2. They really did come out to enjoy the sun. Love the pictures. The stump is a neat shot – worth braving the elements. We haven’t had many days of sunshine lately. You sure took good advantage.

  3. Sun? What’s that? After the ten inches of snow we had the past two days we could definitely do with some of that elusive orb though! Great photos – of course I love the horses (and Raymond) but the stump is particularly interesting.


  4. As always, I love your photos. Soaking up vitamin D is a good idea for horses and humans! I’m doing so today as the sun is brilliant and sparkling across our snow-covered yard.

  5. I love your trips to visit the wild horses!

  6. Looks like everyone was out enjoying that Sun ! .. Go Raymond !!

  7. Wonderful pictures. I love Raymond too!! Wonder how he got in the mix? I always like seeing horses stretched out soaking up sun. And you are right, you looked tall and lanky in Motor Mans pic!!

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Loved the sun shine and the pictures.

  9. MM has good intuitions.
    I got a kick out of Raymond’s story. He’s definately a stud at heart.
    Look at the magnificent beauties soaking up some extra warmth and vitamin D.

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