Our Destination

Motor Man and I celebrated our anniversary in…… Snowshoe, West Virginia.  Most folks go there to ski or snowboard; we went there for a sleigh ride. That’s the way we’ve celebrated our anniversary several times in the past.

When we arrived at the stables, this was one of the first sights to greet us. Just look at that snowy muzzle.

You just know I was enjoying this scenery.

You may remember that I’m a fan of April, the giraffe. One of her little quirks is throwing hay over her back. We call it “April showers” or “hay showers”. Some of that hay usually ends up on her head.  I was immediately reminded of that when I spotted this sweetie.

And this is Flash, the gorgeous guy who pulled our vintage (1878) sleigh.

Flash is a 12-year old Friesian/Morgan mix.

And our driver was Skip, who, along with his wife, Peggy, owns Autumn Breeze Stables at Snowshoe.

The weather was probably the nicest we’ve had for any of our sleigh rides so far: 30 degrees and beautiful sunshine.

Such a fun experience. It’s obvious that Flash loves his job.

If you are on Facebook and would like to see Flash “kicking up his heels”, visit the Autumn Breeze Stables at Snowshoe’s page and check their video. It’s really fun to watch.

Oh, and here’s a short video from our sleigh ride. (There is sound. Skip is referring to a man-made lake on the left, the water from which is used to make snow for one of the ski areas.)


Thanks, Motor Man (and Autumn Breeze Stables) for a fun anniversary celebration.

~These Days Of Mine~




8 responses to “Our Destination

  1. What a perfect anniversary ride. I love it and you! Happy Anniversary again!

  2. Beautiful day for a sleigh ride indeed!!

    Hugs, Pam

  3. How BEAUTIFUL!!! I felt like we were riding along with you. You have the best anniversary celebrations.

  4. A great way to celebrate! .. Looks like Flash takes his job seriously.. & those pics look a bit colder than 30 !

  5. A truly wonderful place to celebrate you & MM’s anniversary. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful adventures.

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    This blog was well worth waiting for. Pictures were beautiful and I know you both had a wonderful and memorable anniversary.

  7. Love the picture of the playful beauty with the face full of hay, shoot, I love all of the fantasy Anniversary pictures. The green sleigh was precious and Flash was gorgeous loved his movie starring Flash! Looked like the perfect getaway to me, and I am happy!

  8. You two celebrate your anniversary in grand style! So fun watching the video and pretending I was along for the ride. Of course, two’s company and three’s a crowd. 😉

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