Random Five Friday

How about five randoms to close out this first week of February?

1.) I captured this picture of a recent sunset….through Motor Man’s car window, at probably 55 miles per hour. It’s surprising that I was able to get a photo with no utility poles.

2.) Marshall sent me this picture yesterday of his sweet little Sibs, eyeing a cardinal through the window.

3.) And our Sundae, perched on the steps. I don’t recall what had her attention at the moment.

4.) A few weeks ago, I visited my cousin, Betty, who lives within a couple of miles of us.  As I was leaving, her beautiful horses were enjoying a run in the pasture.  I love how the afternoon sun lit up their manes and tails.


5.)  I’ve been asked to take part in an event this weekend at my beloved Bacon’s Castle.  Perhaps I’ll have a post about it next week. I always look forward to visiting that old house.

What are your random thoughts today?

~These Days Of Mine~



9 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. That’s some brilliant sunset alright! That cardinal looks like it’s got a close eye on Sibby – not entirely sure there’s a window between them maybe. Enjoy your event at the Castle on Sunday………..


  2. That sunset! Amazing. Isn’t nature wonderful? Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend!

  3. Beautiful randoms in your world this week. My randoms: The sun is bright and beautiful shining in the windows here at school this morning, It’s Friday!!! All teachers look forward to Friday! It’s felt like Spring Break this week 🙂 The birds are singing! And I’m looking forward to a quiet Saturday! Thanks for prompting me to reflect. The Castle event sounds fund – Enjoy!

  4. Beautiful sunset photo and what a perfect photo of the cat watching a little bird. I always miss those opportunities with my kitties.

  5. Nice R5F ! Haven’t had one in a bit .. Great horse vid, & thanks for featuring Sibs again !

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Nice selection for R5F. Those horses were beautiful. I loved seeing them fun across the pasture. Enjoy you day tomorrow at your favorite house. The kitties pictures are so cute.

  7. Wonderful random 5. Your sunset is a beauty. The Kitties are adorable. The horses are magnificent. I’m glad you were able to get a video of them. The photo of Bacon Castle is amazing. I look forward to hearing about the events. I know you’ll have a great time.

  8. Random thought: I need to schedule my time to blog and read others. I enjoy it so – but do not make it a priority in my life. Great pics!

  9. Love the video of Betty’s horses! I’m so far behind in my blog reading and trying to catch up, so I already know from Facebook about your special day at Bacon’s Castle. Can’t wait to read about it though. 🙂

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