Romance At The Castle 2019

You may recall that, a couple of years ago, I was asked to participate in a Valentine event at Bacon’s Castle. It was, appropriately enough, called Romance At The Castle. I shared a video here on the blog that Motor Man made that day of the little “talk” I gave regarding my family’s connection to the house.

The event wasn’t held in 2018, but returned this year (last Sunday), and once again, I was asked to share my story.

Although I had done this two years ago (and had given tours at the Castle many years ago), I had a bit of stage fright leading up to Sunday’s event. My friend, Donna, was aware of this and, earlier that afternoon, sent this sweet, encouraging text:

“Thinking about you.  Know you are going to be beautiful (always are), well spoken (check), interesting (well, you pretty much know it forward and backwards and have the inside story!) and have the perfect wing man for support. Sounds like a fun day in one of your favorite places on earth! Have a great day sharing the joy that is Bacon’s Castle.”

Whenever Motor Man my wing man and I are at Bacon’s Castle, we always have our photo taken in front of the fireplace where we said our vows in 2002.

Yes, I suppose we’ve changed just a little through the years….

Once again this year, Motor Man filmed my part of Romance At The Castle.  Afterwards, guests enjoyed a wine/food pairing and a tour of the house. There were three tours for the event, and many of those who attended had never before visited the “Castle”.

For those of you who saw my Romance At The Castle video two years ago, you have my permission to skip this one: it’s nearly identical to the first one. (After all: same person, same location, and the material doesn’t really change.) You should be able to enlarge the video to see it better should you decide to watch.


As I said in the video, it was an honor to add this Romance At The Castle event to my list of Bacon’s Castle experiences. Oh, and the stage fright was, thankfully, short-lived.

~These Days Of Mine~

11 responses to “Romance At The Castle 2019

  1. Love that you have this wonderful place in your family history as such a place of importance and that you are able to share it with others. The video was so nice and it was nice to hear your sweet voice as well. 🙂

  2. I remember when you gave your talk before and I’m so glad you got to give it again in your very special place. (And that the stage fright was short-lived!)

  3. It’s wonderful that you get to be a part of ‘living history’ – to share your family’s connection to The Castle. Had no doubt that you’d do an awesome job. I always enjoy seeing the picture of you and Motor Man/Wing Man at your special place. I’m so glad that you’re asked to share. Kudos to you!

  4. Super presentation……when you know a place inside and out, and have a personal connection and love for it – that feeling shines through.


  5. You did great and I always find that when someone speaks from something they’re passionate about, the words flow easily! Well done! 🙂 MJ

  6. Great job!! it is so special when you have a personal connection and passion for what you are speaking about – and likewise to have an opportunity to share your knowledge and history with others!! Hopefully I can come next year!!

  7. You did a great job!! Another experience & chapter to add to the ever growing Bacon’s Castle list !

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I can not think of anyone better to speak on Bacon’s Castle, Dianna. Your family is such a big part of the castle and you represent it proudly as you as you should. I have no doubt your family is smiling down on you. Also what a friend you have in Donna to send you that sweet and uplifting note. We Surry Girls aren’t to bad, you think.

  9. Well done Dianna

  10. Aw, it always makes me smile to see and hear of your wonderful memories and connection with Bacon Castle. You can hear the love and affection for it in your voice. ~applause~

  11. What a wonderful speech! I enjoyed hearing it! I would so love to visit. The Halloween event sounded delightful! I would have loved to have seen you dressed as your grandmother! That would have been so cool to experience! What fun—and what a lovely connection to your past! That alone is so rare and so very precious!

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