Finches: Friday’s Feathered Friends

Throughout the winter, I rarely saw any birds at our feeders other than red-winged blackbirds. And they’re pretty enough, especially when the sun glints on that tiny streak of red on the wing. But, I must admit that it’s been nice to see the goldfinches return over the past week or so.

I mistakenly thought that finches only ate “finch seed”.  Wrong: this feeder is filled with sunflower seed.

Double-decker feeder being put to good use.

THIS is the place I expected to see the gold finches: on a “finch seed sock”, a Christmas gift from my friend, Donna, aka Bird Nerd.

Such sweet, pretty birds.

I had just taken this lighthouse feeder out of winter storage and filled it just a few minutes prior to these pictures.

Welcome back, little finches. Happy Spring!

~These Days Of Mine~


11 responses to “Finches: Friday’s Feathered Friends

  1. I love their coloring………like daffodils and both of those are a sure sign of Spring!


  2. BEAUTIFUL! I’m still waiting for the goldfinches. Some years we’re blessed with them – other years, not so much. The Bluebirds have been plentiful here along with Cardinals, Wrens, Woodpeckers, etc. – you get the idea. Thanks for sharing you view.

  3. Wonderful sunny pictures (how yellow they have turned already) pictures to great the first weekend of spring!!
    Beautiful weekend ahead, enjoy, my friend!!

  4. Oh how I miss my feeders. I don’t put them up now because we have hungry bears who eat all the food and destroy the feeders and scare the people too. 😦

  5. The finches that come to my feeders ignore the thistle seed. They go for the sunflower seed like all the other birds.

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Your little goldfinches are so pretty. Truly a sign of spring.

  7. Those pretty little finches are such a sweet breath of spring!

  8. Beautiful birdies. Gold finches are so pretty. They’re such clowns sometimes and look like sunshine.

  9. The finches are great, & fun to watch.. They go after the sunflower seeds while they’re still in the flower…

  10. Deborah Bowers

    I got my first Finch Feeder in the mail today. I hope to attract Gold Finches to my yard for the first time. I have a Songbird Essentials Spiral Feeder. Now I have to choose where to hang it. Yellow is my favorite color and the most consistent color of bird we have are the orange/red breasted Robins and the Red Birds. Now I hope to add the Gold.

  11. Deborah Bowers

    I really like the double-decker feeder. I will add that to my wish list.

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