Daily Archives: April 22, 2019

Easter’s End; Earth Day Eve

For most of Easter Sunday, the weather in our area was beautiful. The temps were a little chilly, but it was a sunny day with a crystal blue sky. Later in the afternoon, the clouds arrived, and it appeared we may have a shower, but that didn’t happen.

I kept watch on the sky as time neared for the sunset.

Although I took some pictures with our regular camera, these were taken with my cell phone.

In this next picture, a couple of Canada geese are swimming “off into the sunset”. We have another couple with three goslings in our yard. Past experience says they have a slim chance of making it, but we’re hopeful.

This picture was taken from our neighbor’s “beach”.

It’s true that there’s a lot of “ugly” in the world, but we have to believe that the beauty far outweighs it.

~These Days Of Mine~