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50 Years

Through the nearly nine years that I’ve been blogging, I’ve shared several posts about my late sister, Rose.

Rose was tragically murdered by her estranged husband on April 15, 1969. 50 years ago today. I was 16; she was two weeks shy of her 31st birthday.

One of the more interesting posts, in my opinion, was this one regarding her birthstone ring that she had loaned me, and what I discovered the evening of her murder.

I wrote this post last year on what would have been her eightieth birthday.

Several years ago, I shared this sad incident that happened just a couple of days after Rose’s murder:

Our mother’s birthday was April 17.  Understandably, in 1969, her birthday was non-existent. Except when the mail was delivered that day,  and there was a birthday card to her from Rose. It was postmarked April 15.  Mom taught everyone a lesson in strength during that time. 

For a long time following Rose’s murder, I kept thinking that it was a bad dream, and I would wake up.  Perhaps that’s the Lord’s way of helping us deal with sudden grief. In time, of course, I stopped having those thoughts.

And, as the old saying goes, time does help ease the pain. Getting through April 15 isn’t nearly as difficult as it once was.

50 years.

~These Days Of Mine~