And, Once Again….Horses

I know it’s difficult to imagine, but I’m starting off the week with pictures from a recent trip to Carova.

Since I made some errors in the last post in which I attempted to name the foals in the pictures, I’m just going to leave this at “this is one of the babies”.

As you can see, it was a gorgeous day on the beach (although we had some rain on our way there, and there were serious clouds in the distance).  The horses were out enjoying the beach, which always makes for great photo ops. This was a stallion who was involved in a disagreement with Raymond, the resident mule.

And you can see for yourself in this video that the “sand was flying”. The Corolla Wild Horse Fund folks always say, when referring to Raymond: “Shhh…don’t tell him he’s sterile”. Raymond thinks he’s as much a stud as any stallion on the beach. (Be sure your volume is turned up.)


We also saw something we’d never seen at Carova. Although this isn’t a foal from this season, we’re thinking it might be one from the past year or two. Apparently, it was time for Mom to get up from her rest.

Recently I found the perfect shirt to wear while photographing “my” horses on the beach.

Motor Man and I had another wonderful day.

And remember his broken shoulder? THIS is his physical therapy.  (Don’t tell his doctor.)

That’s my wheel man Motor Man!

~These Days Of Mine~



12 responses to “And, Once Again….Horses

  1. That shirt is definitely “made” for you!


  2. Such beautiful pictures! I envy you both for being so close as to see this so often. Thank you so much for sharing what I would never be able to see otherwise!

  3. You take wonderful photos and videos too. And you and Motorman look terrific.

  4. Y’all are always getting into some good adventures ! how could anybody not like Raymond ? he seems like a cool mule… ; ) & that shirt pretty much sums it up for you !!

  5. AWESOME pictures as always!! Agree about the shirt. GREAT Wheel Man!! I LOVE all of ‘my’ visits to horse country. I always go along through your pictures and videos. Thanks.

  6. Amazing pictures and I love that you are seeing all of the babies this year.

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    More awesome horse pics. The shirt is perfect for you and I am so glad Motor Man’s shoulder is better.

  8. Loved the video Dianna! Thanks for sharing this adventure with us.

  9. I adore your posts and photos. It’s a dream of mine to visit here and see with my own eyes sometime. Hope you’ll be alright if I share this post with my viewers at The Green Horseman? I feature a new blogger every Tuesday in #TakeTheReinsTuesday

  10. That t-shirt is perfect for you!! Love it! I think your days at the beach are the best therapy for Motor Man and you that there could possibly be,

  11. Love the pictures and the views of the ocean and horses bring such relaxation! Thanks so much for sharing

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