Sadly, Our Turn

Friday afternoon, Motor Man and I left town for an overnight trip.

I checked my Facebook a little before 5 and saw that my friend in Virginia Beach had posted about an active shooter in Virginia Beach. That was the first I heard of the tragedy.

That friend retired from City Hall a few years ago, and first reports were that that’s where the shooting took place. We later learned that it was another building within that complex.  But when all this began, my friend was concerned for relatives of hers that worked there. I’m relieved for her that her family members weren’t among the victims.

My son, Marshall, was also texting me as he learned more about the number of fatalities and injuries. In the end, 12 people had died, and four now remain in critical condition. The suspect was also killed.

It was our area’s turn. Our turn for worldwide news footage of law enforcement personnel running into a building, and innocent civilians being rushed out with their hands on their heads. Our turn to see ambulances en-route to medical facilities. Our turn for solemn-faced city officials holding press conferences. Our turn for prayer vigils and memorials.

The city of Virginia Beach is about a 45 minute drive from us. “As the crow flies”, it’s perhaps 30 miles.  We have several friends who call Virginia Beach home.

But, when something like this happens in your home state, it’s almost as though it happens in your home TOWN.


We can’t begin to imagine the feelings of all those affected by this: the families, friends and co-workers of the victims,  the law enforcement officers involved, the paramedics, the city officials, the suspect’s family…..

After every horrible event like this,  we hear: “What can we do to stop things like this from happening?”.

Personally, I really don’t know that there’s anything that can be done to stop it.

I believe that task will take much ‘larger’ hands than ours.

~These Days Of Mine~


12 responses to “Sadly, Our Turn

  1. I thought of you when I first heard the news of the latest mass shootings. It is another horrible event that breaks my heart. And I think your last sentence is the truth. Thinking of you and your community during these difficult times.

  2. A very sad occurrence for our State but of course we all know that these things happen anywhere and at any time. Pays to keep our eyes and ears open. We feel deeply about the loss and sadness in Virginia Beach.


  3. Well said. Have sad.

  4. Why should anyone have a “turn”? There is something seriously wrong with the world. Pleased to hear that you and your loved ones are OK and pray for those who have lost theirs.

  5. If we have learned anything from these senseless tragedies it is that we are not immune and there is no sure way to prepare. Kudos to you for that well written post.

  6. When I heard this news my first thought was that I know bloggers in Virginia. I am relieved to hear that none of your friends or their families were harmed.
    These days when we hear of something like this we first think of terrorists but sometimes it’s just sad individuals with a grudge. Living in Australia where we have much stricter gun laws I just find it hard to understand a culture where gun ownership is taken so much for granted. I know people whose partners hunt and have friends who shoot or used to shoot for a hobby but we don’t as a rule buy guns for self-defence and that seems to be the difference between our countries..

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Thank you, Dianna, for the lovely but sad blog about my home city. It certainly a very bad time for our great city. My heart has been heavy sense I heard. I pray the Lord gives peace, comfort, and strength to all involved which only comes from HIM.

  8. It pretty much leaves me without words. Your words were very fitting for this emotional post. As Pam says, we have to keep our eyes and ears open.

  9. Sadly, there will always be people that snap and do something terrible.

  10. Yes, how sad. It makes our hearts truly heavy. The affected families will need our prayers for a long time to come. Praying that God helps them heal and that no one else has to go through this.

  11. These tragedies grieve our hearts so badly, and when it comes in “your own back yard” so to speak, it just shakes you to your core. I totally agree with you, larger “hands” than ours are the only way to stop the madness. But it all comes down to the heart of man — ones’s heart can be turned to evil or turned to good, it’s a choice each one must make.

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