Birthday, Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, Motor Man and I learned of the Black Bear Festival (June 1 and 2 this year) in Plymouth, NC. Plymouth is a little over an hour and a half from Roanoke Rapids, where we had gone to the Sawyer Brown concert Friday evening.

Saturday morning, we motored on to Plymouth, where we found a HUGE gathering of folks for that festival. This is the fifth year, and it is obviously a very popular event. We drove around for a while until we happened upon a fairly close parking space.

Motor Man had read that they were offering airboat rides, and since that’s one “mode of transportation” we’ve never experienced, we set out to buy tickets for a ride.

Along the way, we came across this “long, lanky cowboy”:

We bought our tickets for the airboat and waited our turn. It was a rather long wait, but we found seats in the shade and enjoyed a nearby band playing beach music. We’ve never encountered nicer people anywhere in our travels.

Then it was time to don our life jackets and ear protectors and get ready to ride.

The first thing Motor Man looked at was the engine: a GM, but he wasn’t able to determine what size. The wife of the airboat owner/driver was in charge of the rides, and had the cutest look on her face when Motor Man asked her about the engine. (It’s the same look I have when folks ask me about engines.) The airboat ride was very popular, so her husband and Motor Man didn’t have time to “talk engines”.

This video wasn’t from our ride, but it gives you an idea of what we experienced. It was a perfect day for the festival AND boat rides.


We had fun!

As we were making our way back to our vehicle, we were just in time for the motor bike stunt show.  These  guys were amazing. They started off doing some wheelies.  See that ramp in the background?

This was the reason for that ramp:

Although I’d seen similar events on tv, seeing it in person was unbelievable.

I do believe this rider was looking directly at me.  Hey, buddy, thanks for being part of my birthday celebration!

And….the birthday posts continue next week. (Bored yet?)  Have a great weekend everyone!

~These Days Of Mine~





8 responses to “Birthday, Part 2

  1. wonderful days of yours

  2. Nobody “does it up” like you do for your birthday every year! I know it’s a lot of fun and THAT’s the best gift of all.


  3. I think the bike dude would have made me a little weak in the knees! The airboat looks like a whole lotta fun! Let the celebrations continue… Happy Birthday Month to YOU!

  4. Cool adventure!!! I had not heard about this one! Awesome! The first time I went on a airboat ride, it was to view nature. When they passed out earphones I said uh oh, and sure enough, any nature we saw was from FAR away. because of 5he noise, but I loved the ride. The motorcycle stunt riders looked awesome!! Hope your Birthday celebration keeps on ticking!! Good weekend!!

  5. He was definitely looking your way ! & y’all look ready for the bayou in the airboat .. Streeeeeetch out the birthday !

  6. Happy Birthday Diana – keep on celebrating! Preston

  7. WOW – you and Motor Man sure know how to celebrate a birthday. Glad you’re stretching it out! Standing by for the Part 3!!!

  8. This is one birthday week you are never going to forget!! What fun!

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