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When Was The Last Time…..

….you did something for the first time? (Catchy song by Darius Rucker.)

Well, I did something for the first time on Friday.

My friend, Donna, treated me to a trail ride for my birthday.  We had scheduled it for  a few days after my birthday the first week in June. And we were so disappointed when we had to postpone because of rain that day.

Our rescheduled date was this past Friday.  The weather was sunny and hot, but we didn’t mind.  We arrived early, so excited about our adventure. The ride is offered by Two River Trails, near historic Shirley Plantation in Charles City, Virginia.

I immediately asked for the “laziest horse in the state”, and I was paired with “Gracie”.  (When I learned her name, I thought of Motor Man’s late mom; although everyone knew her as Grace, her given name was Gracie.)

So, horse Gracie and I had a little talk before the ride.

Donna’s horse was named  Gypsy, and Donna was a bit apprehensive when she was told that Gypsy didn’t like to stand still. But they made out just fine.

In addition to Donna and me, there were four other riders and our leader, Lynn.  For much of the ride, Gracie preferred to “bring up the rear”, and that was fine with me.

Our ride took us through Upper Shirley Vineyards:

And along the James River, where Lynn generously offered to take photos of us with that beautiful background.

Dusty Diamond Dianna and Dashing Derringer Donna

Following our ride, Donna and I were ready for lunch (and lots of iced tea) at the Upper Shirley Vineyards Restaurant. One of the other diners asked if we happened to be from Texas…wonder whatever gave him that idea?

Thanks, Donna, for a most wonderful experience, and I’m already looking forward to my next time on a horse….whenever/wherever that may be.

~These Days Of Mine~